How Can You Survive Zombie Armageddon or Various Other Apocalyptic Calamities?

How Can You Survive Zombie Armageddon or Various Other Apocalyptic Calamities?

Apr 28, 2016, 4:46:13 PM Life and Styles

Be the guy that knows how to make the beer!


I recently read an article by a guy named Pascal Baudar, a brilliant naturalist, teacher, forager and chef. He said some things that fundamentally changed the way I think about preparedness. People talk about surviving a global war, societal collapse, economic meltdown or zombie apocalypse. Here’s a guy that would not only survive and thrive but might be elevated to some demigod-like status. Why? Because he can produce delicious, stimulating, healing and potentially zombie repelling beer. More importantly, he can source the necessary ingredients for such beer long after the supply chains have broken down. From the wilderness or even urban hillsides and parklands he can forage wild plants, herbs, insect sugars and wild yeasts. He brews exotic tasting beers with psychotropic, healing and aphrodisiacal properties. Pascal also manages to find plenty of nutritious food in the process of gathering beer ingredients. He even has a new cookbook so you can make mouthwatering gourmet meals from all kinds of organic materials you can pick, pull and dig up in the woods.


I’ve noticed that a lot of preppers and survivalists compare notes on stocking up, digging in and bugging out. Not to mention weapons to defend all those stockpiled survival goods. To my recently enlightened mind, the only true preparedness is knowing you can always forage for food wherever you go.


You may have your brains eaten but you ain’t gonna starve to death! 


Having a skill set that makes you essential to the survival and comfort of others around you doesn’t hurt either. It could be as simple as knowing how to source ingredients and produce a product that would be highly prized and easily bartered in a post-apocalyptic world.  That’s where beer comes in. If you can produce it when no other beer or beer brewing supplies are available, you my friend are gonna be poopin in tall cotton!


Pascal’s new cookbook is called- The New Wildcrafted Cuisine: Exploring the Exotic Gastronomy of Local Terroir


Forests, mountains, desert, seashore…... even urban streets and sidewalks are playgrounds for this culinary alchemist. Pascal has rediscovered a plethora of delicious and nutrition rich foods from wild plants, insects and other natural consumables that once provided tucker for indigenous hunter-gatherer tribes. A master food preserver, fermenter and chef, his new book imparts deep foraging wisdom and dozens of recipes to stockpile your pre or post-apocalyptic pantry with plenty of preserved provisions. You can craft anything from Probiotic Pickled Acorns, Wild Kimchi, and Currant Capers to White Sage-Lime Cider and my personal favorite: Primitive Bug Sugar Based Beer!


Pascal’s cookbook for wildcrafted food and beverages was not intended as a survival guide or disaster preparedness manual. That being said, it is chock full of recipes, ideas and knowledge that would serve anyone well when civilized society collapses and anarchy reigns……or if you just want to experience earthy and exotic natural delicacies and inebriating beverages that reflect the unique character of your particular bio-region. In any case, Pascal Baudar is the standard-bearer for the field to table movement and a true pioneer of “gourmet bush-craft”.  

Published by Bill Hoover

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