As the TRUMPWORLD Turns - Democracy Morphs to Hypocrisy

As the TRUMPWORLD Turns - Democracy Morphs to Hypocrisy

Nov 10, 2018, 1:43:41 PM Opinion

For more than 50 years As the World Turns was daytime TV’s most-watched show. We made shlock TV history Wednesday in the latest episode of “Smackdown in the WH with the Clockwork Orange.” Trump vs Acosta needs a re-match according to the White House Correspondents Association.

I’m laughing to refrain from committing a criminal act against the leading actors of the Free World. Trump’s rebirth was largely due to reality TV and now that “The Apprentice” has moved to the White House "Clockwork Orange" begins a new season. WH staff now doctors video to incriminate anyone who questions the boss or tries to hold onto a microphone. Where did they learn that trick? Probably in a Kompromat class from FSB(formerly KGB) trainers.

The Orange has gone to Paris. By the time they finish counting the votes and he gets back he’ll want to do a sequel to “Network” opening with him shouting, “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore.”

Jokes aside, I’m the one who feels like Peter Finch in "Network", when I read how many Russian oligarchs and mobsters live in Trump Tower. What’s going on in Washington these days has been written and directed by Putin and his agents. The amount of Russian money in the US helps politicians and lawyers on both sides of the political aisle. Russia’s oligarchy and Putin’s kleptocracy found a place to live in NYC called Trump Tower. I can’t believe that the small towns of America are buying their ideology of hypocrisy that has crippled the Russian people. As Trumpworld turns. our democracy becomes a hypocrisy.


Published by Bill Snyder

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