Being There When Satire Became Reality

Being There When Satire Became Reality

Trump as president is the quintessential media event - TV and Twitter are running the White House. Steve Bannon and Trump's cabinet are getting angrier by the minute as the real estate developer makes his decisions watching MSNBC then Twitters them to the world.

Case in point - MSNBC's "Morning Joe" cites Lawfare (law journal) article stating that 9th District Court decision never mentioned the statute that gives the president the right to control immigration. Within 10 minutes POTUS' tweet cites Lawfare as being critical of the decision. Neither MSNBC nor the Trumpkin cites Lawfare article statement that 9th Districgt's decision was correct in view of Trump's executive order being made with "malevolent incompetence." For more on Trump's TV addiction see Aaron Rupar's article here... 

I was reminded of Peter Sellers, as Chauncey Gardiner, saying, "I LIKE TO WATCH" in Being There - one of the best political satires ever made by Hollywood. Sellers and Shirley MacLaine, as Eve Rand, are in bed together watching a sex scene on TV when Sellers says the four words. Shirley gives pause for a moment, then thinks Sellers wants to watch, so she begins to masturbate. True to form, Sellers turns back to watch TV.

At the end of Being There those in the know politically think that Chauncey Gardiner will become the next president. Chauncey at the start of the film is a gardner. He makes comments about garden growth that Melvyn Douglas as Ben Rand, an influential political consultant, interprets as financially astute. Ben turns the gardener into a politician with presidential potential. 

Jerzy Kosinski's satire has become our reality. We have a real estate developer in the White House who likes to watch too. Maybe it's time for his wife to leave NYC and join him in Washington. He probably won't mind given his quote. Remember, "Grab 'em by the pussy. You can do anything."

The question all of this raises...Do we want a 70 year old watching TV in his bathrobe making decisions that can end the world as we know it? The Trumpkin's answer to my more-than-rhetorical question would probably be

I'm the smartest guy in the room, I make the decisions, and then tell the dummies who work for me what to do. Steve, let's go and watch Fox News or MSNBC.

There's another Peter Sellers political satire that comes to mind. Let's hope that one doesn't become our reality. Remember?

Published by Bill Snyder

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