Clockwork's Roomful of Mirrors & Lies - The Wall Can't Change the Rainbow

Clockwork's Roomful of Mirrors & Lies - The Wall Can't Change the Rainbow

Jan 12, 2019, 11:13:25 PM Opinion

The Clockwork Orange made a speech. The ‘fake news’ was in the contents of the speech: we are at risk because so many illegal immigrants are criminals.  Check the stats, Mr. Trump. Cato Institute says it ain’t so. Illegal immigrants are less likely to commit a crime than the US citizen. There are criminals in the White House and the Clockwork Orange disproves the adage that there is honor among them.

Leave it to a 78 year-old woman from San Francisco by way of Baltimore to stand up and fight. Bravo Nancy Pelosi! Currently it’s the American woman whose voice is the loudest in telling Clockwork the way it is.

I have been around as long as Nancy Pelosi and I have seen the formation of the rainbow that started for this white boy(now ‘wuero’ according to my Latina wife) in Pep’s Bar on South Street in Philadelphia listening to Miles, Trane, Yusef Lateef, Rufus Harley, and Lambert Hendricks and Ross.

Maybe it’s time for the straight lines of the Stars and Stripes to blend with the bending colors of the rainbow. Maybe it’s time for the 70% of us who are not Trumpists to see and say the truth about him and his wall. Clockwork and his followers want the wall to keep the rainbow from being a strong symbol of this country. They will fail if people like Nancy Pelosi and the other 70% of us have our way.

I stood next to a deuce-and-a-half when the Berlin Wall, now torn down, went up ready to fight. I’m ready again, Back in the 60’s I believed JFK cared about me. I don’t believe the Clockwork Orange cares about.anyone but himself.

Walls don't work. Time for the Clockwork Orange to leave his wall of mirrors while we enlarge our roomful of rainbows. 


Published by Bill Snyder

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