Make America, America Again - "Ich bin ein Berliner." ich bin kein Rassist

Make America, America Again - "Ich bin ein Berliner." ich bin kein Rassist

Nov 5, 2018, 8:37:25 PM Opinion

June 1963 this photo was taken. It was only made public 5 years ago. Here is the story behind it...

Less than 2 years before that hot June day battalions of  soldiers stood next to deuce-and-a-halve trucks at 4AM armed, ready to go to Berlin.  I was among them at Fort Bragg, NC - a buck private wondering if I was going to shoot anyone. The Berlin Wall had just been built to isolate the East from the West. Orders were given to Strategic Army Corps (STRAC) forces to be ready to fight. I didn't like the idea, particularly since I had barely made Marksman(the lowest rating) on the rifle range. Lucky for me and us the decision was made in Washington, DC to keep the peace.

Something similar has happened recently when it comes to crossing borders. This time it's the USA led by the Clockwork Orange POTUS who want to keep out the undesirables in the immigrant caravans. The undesirables - a racist term if there ever was one - are mostly desperate people trying to make a better life for themselves.

Four hundred thousand people turned out to hear JFK in June 1963. He didn't mention how many were there like another one did for his inauguration, he didn't have to. The German people were given hope by his words. The Clockwork Orange is not in business to give hope to people, but rather to deprive them of it, even if they were born in the USA, but their parents entered illegally. He has already set-up the US Army to face-off with the immigrant caravans at the US-Mexico borders. No guns are needed, but the Clockwork Orange seems to think they are. He's wrong. What do you think it takes to Make America, America Again? Please show him tomorrow and VOTE against Isolationism.

Published by Bill Snyder

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