Make America WHAT (?) Again, Donald T

Make America WHAT (?) Again, Donald T

True to what the USA is all about it's half-time, folks. Let's bring on the marching bands before the Democrats take the field next week and the NFL mantra "football is family" trots back onto the field. Aristotle said that politics is a noble profession, but the game has changed. I doubt he'd be of the same mind after watching the first half of America's game this week and the second half next week.

When I first heard what Aristotle thought about politics it gave me pause. Yeah, those Greeks built a helluva culture with a philosophy that politics was a noble profession. In college I gave a presentation on the censorship of Joyce's "Ulysses" in a speech class and the professor asked me if I'd ever considered going into politics. He kind of floored me with the question and I thought about Student Council. In high school and college Student Council was made up of people I didn't know. When I thought about it I realized they were the class leaders. None of them were my friends. I didn't particularly like or dislike them. They just didn't matter that much to me. It's pretty much been that way in my life until Donald Trump.

He matters to me. Why?

Americanism, not globalism, will be our credo.

This is the 21st century, Donald. Whether we like it or not we are linked to the rest of the world by the Internet. Your and your followers have forgotten the meaning of WWW. Hey dummies, here's a reminder - World Wide Web. Any of us who use the web are globalists, regardless of how we feel about Mexico and Mexicans, China and Chinese, Africa and Africans. 

You stand in front of us SHOUTING...

Beginning on January 20th of 2017, safety will be restored.

Not a word about how it will be restored.

And so it goes. A harangue on everything that's bad in the world and the country without much said about how it will be fixed will build a wall to separate the US from Mexico.

What's going on in the heads under those Make America Great Again hats? From what I have heard and seen nothing much about how we're going to become great again. The slogan makes my heart beat faster too, but without a plan it won't happen. Part of the plan has to focus on our own weaknesses and what must be done to become strong again .The reasons we aren't GREAT has more to do with us and who we have become than it does with the rest of the world. Greatness has to do with competition. American business doesn't compete. They merge. When they see a worthy opponent it's time for a buy-out. When the banks failed they didn't pay for their ineptitude and greed they were bailed out by taxpayer money.

The closest thing to a plan I heard was that you were going to outline to reform the job market. If there had been an outline presented maybe I would have liked your plan, but contrary to Aristotle's belief in the nobleness of the politician you didn't outline anything. Your speech was full of sound-bytes.

In the days of American greatness there were strong unions who argued for fair pay, now American corporations avoid the argument by out-sourcing work to foreign soil. By the way, Donald, your wall won't stop Mexican workers in Mexico, underpaid by American standards of living, from making American corporations richer.

The Art of the Deal was your credo back in the 80's. As far as your concerned the deal is more important than the truth. I think that's your true credo and it's what you're practicing to become the POTUS. I hope that the danger of facism in your credos is my fantasy and not your reality.   But that's the reason you matter to me and the reason I wrote this.


Published by Bill Snyder

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