How to Care for Silver Gemstone Jewelry

How to Care for Silver Gemstone Jewelry

Aug 25, 2021, 6:34:33 AM Life and Styles

Sterling silver is one of the most popular materials used in making jewelry and, at times, the most neglected one, too, the reason being its easy tarnish. Sterling silver is one such metal that gets tarnished when it comes in contact with oxygen and sulfur. When this happens, the silver starts to appear discolored or yellowish, giving it a dirty look. This is why cleaning the sterling silver jewelry is an integral part of maintaining its shine. Here are certain factors that you need to consider to get the jewelry you like,

Get Sterling Silver Jewelry With The Right Number

Here is something which plays a significant role in creating the jewelry we all love. Sterling silver comes with a tag of 925, which depicts the purity of the silver. But if the silver is less than the given number, it proves it is more diminutive, and other materials such as copper are more. The sterling silver in 925 tags is sturdier and doesn't require much cleaning. This means if you are wearing jewelry such as moonstone jewelry in 925, it is possible to require less work. Make sure you know your number and buy the jewelry from the reputed wholesalers in the market. It will give you the guarantee of a legitimate product with exceptional quality.

Keeping It Dry

The biggest enemy of sterling silver is water. The water we use in our daily lives comes in a mixture of different chemicals and is not purified. So when it comes in contact with the jewelry, it reacts and tarnishes it.

So it is recommended to:

  • Remove the sterling silver jewelry when taking a shower. It won't leave a lasting effect, but doing it regularly might spoil it in the future.

  • Take your silver jewelry off when going inside the pool. The chlorine present in the pool is a harmful chemical That reacts with most jewelry. Say if you are wearing larimar jewelry, then there are high chances that the gemstone might soak up some water, leading to minor changes in the stone structure and further spoiling the look.

  • Don't forget to remove your sterling silver jewelry in the hot tub, as, At times when you feel tired and hop for the hot bath without giving a second thought, there are chances that you might forget to take off your jewelry. Say if you are wearing opal jewelry, it is a must to take it off. Opal has a high water content but is prone to hot temperatures. So hot tub is a strict no as it chemically reacts and further breaks out your stone.

Bonus tip: Avoid using perfumes and lotions on your silver jewelry. The harmful chemicals in the perfumes may dull the shine and later give you the tarnished look that you were too scared to get.

Maintaining The Stone

The other factor that will help you out, in the long run, is maintaining the stone. If you leave a car out in the open, what happens to the car? It rusts right. So same goes with sterling silver; it tarnishes without the proper care. So make sure you are diligent about the stone and its jewelry. The exposure to the air can desolate your cherished silver. So don't leave your sterling silver out in the open exposing it to the humidity. Always try to keep your jewelry pieces in the proper felt boxes or tight bags, to keep exposure out, keeping shininess and brilliance of silver in place. Unhook the jewelry after using it plus, Do not add a bunch of jewelry together to save some space. The jewelry together can create scratches, and the abrasion can break them apart. For additional support, add up some silica patches with your jewelry pieces, which will save your jewelry a big time.

Clean Your Jewelry

Cleaning is the essential part of maintaining your sterling silver. With the right cleaners and proper care, you can keep your jewelry for a more extended period of time and maintain its shine. Here are some DIY that you can use to cleanse your jewelry pieces,

The Most Feasible: Baking Soda

Take a mug full of water and a pinch of baking soda and stir it into a paste. Use some old toothbrushes and rub them gently on jewelry. This process will bring forward the shine of the gemstone and will give you a long-lasting shining effect.

The Dish Liquid: The Subtle Choice

The most straightforward and most subtle option when it comes to cleaning the sterling jewelry is dishwasher cleaner. These not so harsh cleaners work magic on the jewelry, thus bringing brilliance to it.

Simplest of All Saltwater and Lime

Salt is an excellent cleaning agent when it comes to sterling silver jewelry. A little salt and lime will alleviate the gemstone's shine and will also act as a natural cleanser. 

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