Keep Your Digital Marketing Campaigns Up-to-Date

Keep Your Digital Marketing Campaigns Up-to-Date

Sep 27, 2021, 9:17:42 AM Tech and Science

The human connection focuses on addressing issues and tailoring content to target individuals. Companies want their customers to personally engage with their posts and updates. The other movement is the technical optimization of the SEO campaign to make sure the content is reaching the right people. We have listed the hottest trends that every digital marketing agency is jumping on to stay relevant.

1. Embrace the Ad-Blockers 

Ad-blockers are becoming more common because users want to protect themselves from unwanted pop-ups and malware. This is bad news for marketers because they cannot redirect traffic from different sources including their pay-per-click campaigns. 

However, this might not be as bad as it sounds as any digital marketing agency in London will tell you. You can check your data and ad analytics to see how much traffic you were receiving from third-party websites. More often than not the number is negligible and it is much more important to retain visitors who are using an ad-blocker.

If you have ads on your website that may get blocked by the user’s extension then you should let it be and not waste efforts driving away any potential customers. Users find it annoying when they are asked to change their preferences. You can change the advertising approach and look for other creative ways to market your brand. Influencer marketing sponsored posts, and similar campaigns are much more popular with a younger crowd. Making the switch might be the lucky break your company needs. 

2. Focus on the Visuals

Users can search for videos and images but they can now also get search results based on pictures they upload. The landscape is changing and SEO services are trying to add more visual components to enhance the ranking of a page on Google and other search engines.

You can increase the number of hits your website receives based on visual searches by making sure the content you upload is SEO enabled. This includes adding alt-text to all videos and photos as well as adding tags wherever necessary. You can also create a dedicated sitemap for your images and include SEO keywords in the file names. The content has to be HD quality and that goes without saying. Nowadays the most popular CMS software is WordPress. There are numerous WordPress plugins on the market.

3. Think Local

Google continues to change up the SEO algorithm and local businesses have to stay up to date too. They need to make sure they appear in the search results for local users too. Local SEO is much more important and useful for smaller businesses because people are always looking for relevant businesses that are near them. Someone in your geographic location is more likely to purchase an international customer.

You can get your eCommerce business verified on Google and Google Maps yourself or through SEO services. If there is already a listing then you can claim it as your own. It improves the search engine ranking and gives you the chance to add links to your website and social media pages.

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