Water Beads Sensory Toy for Kids

sensory water beads for kids

Water Beads Sensory Toy for Kids

Jul 1, 2020, 4:10:34 AM Entertainment

Water Beads

When it comes to finding a simple, fun, wonderful products for kids that helps fire their imagination, nothing beats toys that they can hold in their hands. In fact, many of the simple toys that parents and grandparents grew up with are still some of the best that can be provided for kids today.

One of the best today is also one of the simplest. Water beads have stoked the imagination of children for many years and continue to fascinate young minds and those who are young at heart.

What are Water Beads?

Water beads are essentially non-toxic small beads that expand when you add water. This particular type of crystal water bead comes in all types of different colors and makes for great sensory play with pre-school age children. However, this product is also quite versatile as it is used for decorations such as wedding centerpieces, table toys, decorations for plants, Orbeez toy refill, foot spas and even baby shower decorations. There is something very special about water beads that leads to their incredibly diverse uses.

Water beads occupy that rare space that is perfect for decorations and arrangements, yet the product itself is a wonderful plaything for children that also happens to be very inexpensive. You may find that the small amount of money spent on acquiring water beads brings a far greater return in terms of play and mental stimulation for your children than far more expensive toys could ever hope to bring.

How to Make Them

If you have purchased water beads, creating them is much of the fun. The good news is that they are very simple to make. Once you have purchased your water beads, you’ll want to add about one tsp of beads per one quart of water. Put the beads in a large bowl and pour the water in. The beads will take about six to eight hours to fully expand and they will soak up most, if not all the water in the bowl.

Once they have fully expanded, you can remove them from the bowl and put them in vases, jars, or other containers. You can use them as Orbeez toy refill items or just let your kids play with them in the bowl. Of the many different brands of water beads on the market today, Sooper Beads are certainly one of the best.

Attributes of Sooper Beads

There are a number of excellent features when you purchase this product. The most obvious is that you can get quite a few water beads all for a price that is under $10. Sooper Beads are safe, easy to use, and provide a great way for kids to expand their imagination.

-       Non-Fading

-       Non-Toxic

-       Non-Flammable

-       100% Biodegradable

-       Many Different Colors

-       Easy to Create

-       Reusable

-       Environmentally Friendly

Naturally, being rather inexpensive helps and a bag or two of water beads can go a long way. This is particularly true when they can be reused time and time again. Imagine using the beads you have to decorate for a particular event and then letting your children play with them afterwards. Of course, even if you do not have children, the beads can be used in a number of different ways so that they never go to waste.

What You Can Do with Water Beads

There are a number of attributes that this particular product brings, but it can be divided into two major sections, a sensory toy for kids and decorations for adults. Although many adults find that playing with water beads is virtually irresistible.

Decorations: When it comes to decorating for an event, water beads are often part of the arrangements. The reasons are fairly simple as they start with the beauty and fun this product brings when it comes to creating a festive atmosphere. You can use them in bowls, vases, and jars that will make an excellent decoration for many different types of events.

In fact, many people use them for receptions, baby showers, and even wedding decorations. There is something very attractive and colorful about using water beads for these types of events. However, they are used for all types of celebrations in part because they are inexpensive, but no doubt because of their colorful attributes.

Sensory Play: For young children, particularly those of pre-school age, water beads offer many hours of play and utter fascination. Kids love the look and feel of the beads when they have been soaked in water which only adds to the fun. In fact, the beads often stay in the same bowl from where they were made in order for children to dip their hands inside and feel the squishy beads. Because they start off so small and grow in the water, it is something that many youngsters find incredible to see and feel. Even just watching the beads change over time is an activity that they will enjoy.

Plants: One interesting way to use the beads, particularly after they have served as decorations is adding them to the soil which feeds your plants. They help to reduce the water needs of the plants which means that you water them less frequently. This is because they release their water in a very slow manner so you can help many different types of plants grow. In fact, for some plants the water beads may replace the soil itself. However, it is their ability to help grow bamboo plants which makes them special. In fact, the beads make the perfect substance to help bamboo grow thanks to their unique attributes along with the requirements of the bamboo.

If you are looking for fun, inexpensive items that will entertain your pre-school age children for hours on end. Or, you are looking for great decoration ideas for upcoming events, the Sooper Beads are a great answer. Their non-toxic substance combined with beautiful color combinations make them the perfect gift for youngster and great decorations for your home, event, or just when you want to have a little fun. 

Published by Billy Hillan

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