Why refer to NCERT Book for class 10 English

Why refer to NCERT Book for class 10 English

English in the school curriculum is considered to be the necessary element in a students’ educational journey because the English language plays a crucial role as it helps in communicating with others. Also, it is the main language that tends to form the base for studying any subjects that are included in the curriculum. This language is so important that it helps in broadening the minds of the students, developing emotional skills, as well as providing job opportunities.

In class 10, it is necessary to have a clear knowledge and understanding of the English subject as it will help in scoring more in the Boards examination and also, will develop one’s grammar as well as many other skills such as cognitive, reading and writing. 

The syllabus of class 10th  English is designed in such a way that the examination is divided into three sections, which includes reading comprehension, writing skills, and literature; thereby adding up to a total mark of 80 for the paper. The rest of the 20 marks are allotted for internal assessment. Thus, for the 80 marks question paper, the students are provided with a time limit of 3 hours. 

The syllabus is generally prepared by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), based on its latest curriculum. Hence, in order to prepare well for class 10th English examination the smartest option which one can select is to refer to the textbooks developed by NCERT or the National Council of Education, Research and Training; which are made according to the CBSE guidelines. 

It has been frequently observed that at the arrival of examinations, students’ gets confused regarding their choice of textbooks for making preparations. This often leads to wastage of time, as well as makes a student lose his/her confidence regarding their preparation. 

Thus, this results in decisions that are taken in hurry and this leads to referring to the wrong books, which later results in poor performance and scoring less than expectations. 

 Hence, it is often advised to the students to refer to the NCERT textbooks, as they deliver the concepts in a lucid manner of presentation which is helpful for the student to grasp the concepts more clearly, and also memorize them for a longer period of time. NCERT Book for Class 10 English First Flight is the prescribed textbook for class 10 students. 

Also, there are some key benefits of referring to NCERT textbooks while making preparations for board examinations. Some of them are:

  1. Simplicity in its language:

All the NCERT textbooks are developed by subject experts and academic professionals who carry out extensive research on each and every respective topic so as to provide genuine and authentic information to the students. Moreover, these books are designed in such a way that each student irrespective of their intelligence can easily grasp the concepts more easily and keep them memorized for a longer time. 

  1. Strict adherence to CBSE curriculum:

One of the most prominent reasons behind referring only to the NCERT textbooks during exam preparations is that it strictly follows the CBSE guidelines; which tends to be much more helpful to the students for making their preparations much more effective. As being said, the NCERT textbooks are not only ‘enough’ for better preparations of Boards examinations, but they are also much more helpful regarding the preparations for many competitive examinations such as JEE or NEET. 

Hence, it is the smartest option to refer to the NCERT textbooks as these are prepared according to the CBSE guidelines, and thus help the students to prepare better and score well. 

  1. Easy understanding of the fundamental concepts:

The NCERT textbooks are effective enough to make a student cover all the basics and fundamentals of each topic included in their respective chapters. This is due to the fact that NCERT ensures that their textbooks deliver the necessary information to the students more clearly with the help of simple and easy language. 

Thus, once the student has a clear understanding of the topics; he/she doesn't have to mug up the whole contents over and over again. Simply, they just have to build a habit of revising regularly. Hence, this will help them to memorize the concepts for a longer time and also will make them crystal-clear.  

  1. A number of exercises are provided:

The textbooks of NCERT ensure that the students are well exposed to the concepts and topics with the help of example questions which are meant for the students, at the end of each chapter. These questions which are provided are necessary to be solved by the students with reference to the chapter, as this will help them to understand the chapter more deeply as well as it will boost their thinking ability. 

  1. Authentic data and information:

The NCERT textbooks are developed under the guidance of subject experts and academic professionals who carry out extensive research on each and every topic, in order to ensure authenticity to the contents of each and every chapter. Thus, the textbooks are sufficient to understand and grasp each and every topic as this will help in scoring better in boards’ examinations, as well as many other competitive examinations.  

Thus, coming to conclusions; it can be stated that it is the best decision to refer only to NCERT textbooks while preparing for the Boards examination. But, on the other hand, a student can also decide to refer to other additional books in order to make better preparations and score better. But more often it has been observed that the additional reference books which are followed by the students include much more concise notes, which tends to lack the basic knowledge and thus distracts the students thereby making them confused. Also, the NCERT textbooks are important according to the level of preparations required for many competitive examinations like JEE or NEET, as they grant admissions into professional courses. Hence, the NCERT textbooks are always considered to be the saviour of such students who are preparing their best for the Class 10th boards examinations as well as many other examinations.

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