How to ruin your year abroad.

How to ruin your year abroad.

Oct 12, 2016, 2:41:46 AM Opinion

It’s actually so cold here that it could basically be winter. Last week the weather was down to 6 degrees. It was crazy how quickly the weather changed and this change of seasons brought with it, a realisation on my part of how many things I have neglected and a lot of illness in my office and generally all over the city.

I luckily have not been ill and fingers crossed I will not be…well at least until January when its actually winter. But yes, the main thing that I have realised is that being on a year abroad is not all fun and games. I have got past the countless ERASMUS documents but there are quite a few things, I still have not sorted out here and a huge 5,000 word essay that I have not even started that is due in very very soon.

I have been thinking a lot over the past few weeks as to why it has taken me so long to come to terms with responsibility. Initially, I blamed it on the fact that I have a full time job. But then I realised this week and towards the end of last week, maybe its actually that I have been spending way too much time on social media because really having a full time job does take up a lot of time but not that much time like c’mon I am only an intern.

I feel that the role of social media has increased massively since I moved abroad mainly because it is my main route back to the life that I left behind in London, Edin and Lagos.Yes, social media has been great in that it has meant that I have stayed in contact with many of my friends. But actually, I feel that it has been detrimental and counter productive to my settling down here. Over the last few weeks, I would spend many evenings, sitting at home facetiming/whatsapping/facebook messaging friends and then instead of making friends here, I would feel incredibly homesick and alone.

Last week, I tried hard to take a break from social media and this is when I actually missed home less and actually realised how much I was missing out on here in Munich and how much I still had left to do here. I feel that today in society, social media plays such a big role in our lives from our Facebook or snapchat accounts being the first thing we check when we first wake up to us checking how many likes we have on our latest Instagram post late at night.

I have read several stories about how detrimental social media have been to people’s lives. Some of the most recent and most famous ones have been Hailey Baldwin’s lawsuit case and Kim Kardashian’s recent robbery in Paris being attributed to her flaunting her wealth on social media. Anyway I digress, honestly, I cannot really compare these two stories to how social media can ruin your year abroad.

But I will say this, it is very easy to focus all your attention on retaining the life that you have back home and not putting effort in starting your life here. I have definitely realised it and am regretting priortising my friends at home (even though I do not love them any less). I love social media and my friends of course as much as anyone else and I definitely have loved sharing my experiences abroad online.  However, I do feel that taking a break from using its platforms or even just using it less will be incredibly beneficial. Well…hopefully after this month away, it will….I will have to see.

So yes I am taking a break from social media that includes blogging too,  for a month maybe shorter.

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