Oktoberfest - Wiesn 2016

Oktoberfest - Wiesn 2016

Sep 26, 2016, 12:24:46 AM Opinion

Hey all,

The last two weeks have gone by so so quickly especially since the start of Oktoberfest. I have to say that it has taken up a lot of my free time and I am actually glad that the festival is going to end soon.

But first I would like to show you parts of my experience. The good and the bad.  But first, I will address the costumes.

My office is so close to the Oktoberfest that every single day I see people in the most amazing and sometimes the most horrendous outfits. I decided to join the traditional spirit and bought myself a proper Dirndl which I actually have fallen in love with. I could have bought the female version of the men’s outfit, the lederhosen. But I personally think that you have to be relatively tall and skinny to really pull it off.

The next thing that surprised me a little was the festival itself. It’s not just about the drinking although that is a large part of the festival. There are actually some amazing fun fair rides and the food is fantastic and generally it is literally like the Winter Wonderland Christmas market in London but for autumn.

Also what I love about the festival is that everyone is so friendly and as it is actually a family event, you end up talking and drinking with people from all ages.

However the thing that I did not really like about Oktoberfest was the amount of drunk people and how much of pain it is to travel around the city because of the sheer number of people adding pressure to the usually efficient transport system.

Honestly, it’s a bit of a pain but at least the festival will be over soon and I did really enjoy the good parts of it.


Published by Bisi Adejumo


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