Roadtrippin': German edition

Roadtrippin': German edition

Aug 16, 2016, 8:51:10 PM Life and Styles

I called this article, German edition as I like to think that when you first see the words road trip - images of mini vans and large expanses of American country float into your mind. Well if not, then clearly I've just watched too many movies about road trips across America where the animosity between the participants results in some crazy adventures that bring them closer than they ever were before. 

Anyway, digression aside, I am a newcomer to mytrendingstories and have been living in Munich for the last eight weeks. Last weekend, I went on a bit of a spontaneous trip to Dusseldorf and lets just call them the surrounding areas. 

Here are a few snaps from the places I went to... 

1. Dusseldorf 

I have to say the most surprising thing about the city was how obssessed they were with Pokemon Go. There were pokemon go "tuk tuk" type bicycles that took customers to the the best hotspots in the city. They called them Poke - taxis. There is one street called Koningsallee in the middle of the city centre which is closed off for all the Pokemon Go players. I must admit there were quite a few of them.  

2. Essen 

On our second day, we were pretty exhausted so we just headed to Essen for a lovely dinner at Haus im Gluck. It's a great burger place for vegans and vegetarians. That might sound a bit weird but actually it really is because not only does it do normal beef burgers but it also has so much choice for vegans and vegetarians. Oh and the sweet potato fries were fantastic. 

I had a really nice avocado and bacon cheese beef burger because although I fully respect vegans and vegetarians, I could not resist the avocado and bacon combo.

3. Emmerich 

On our last day we went close to the Dutch border and visited the most picturesque and quaint village. I've always lived in cities and recently I've been to a lot places in the countryside that make me wonder why my parents decided not to bring me up in the country. 

4. Schloss Moyland 

Now going to see Germany's famous castles was definitely on my year abroad bucket list. This castle is seven hundred years old and was absolutely beautiful. The inside has been converted into an art gallery. But unfortunately, I had to sign a contract saying that I would not put any photos that I took inside on the internet. It sucks but the rules were definitely not made to be broken here in Germany. 

Hey, as I'm still new to this, I still have not figured out how to get my photos from camera on here so just go this link for the photos I took on this trip -

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