A Letter Of Love

Happy Monthavesary Baby!

I am not going to say how long we've been together but through all this time I feel as if I met you just yesterday. It's amazing how sweetly time goes by when I spend my days with you. As of now I can't even remember or imagine how life would be without you. Time spent with you is the happiest and fullest time of my life. I cherish every moment spent with you.  

Your positivity when I feel like all is against me; you are there holding my hand helping to guide me. Your patience, because we both know I am a piece of work and I am a work in progress; yet you love my imperfections and weaknesses. Your believing in me, when at times I don't even believe in myself; you encourage me to reach for heights that I think are unreachable. Your sense of humor, though sometimes is really 'outta timing' and annoying as hell, it always lifts my spirit though at times I may not show it and your free spirit amazes me. The sense of protection and security you offer, because you gym 😉 and you always make sure I'm walking on the correct side of the road - lol. Your true unconditional love, because when I fall you help me up, and hold me close in your loving embrace letting me know you're always there. For your investing in our relationship daily and for your promise of being
willing to put in the necessary work to make 'us' work.

Thank you for you gift of love and thank you for being the best version of you. I am blessed to have you in my life and beyond blessed to call you MMMYYYYY BOOYYFRIEENNDD ..... aaalllll  mmiiinneeeee.
I pray on this special day that we live to see many more monthaversaries and anniversaries together and in our lifetime.

We've only now begun ... here's to many more to come.

I love you.




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