Achieving Self Peace

Why is it so difficult for people to accept who they really are? The answer is simple - 11275856-confused-emoticon-stock-vector-smiley-face-cartoonSocietal pressure.  You get it from your parents and loved ones, from your friends, from television and social media outlets like Instagram and Facebook every given day. With all of this crowding your judgement, how does one truly obtain self peace? 

I had been struggling with self acceptance and making self peace for quite a while. So how did I put it all in the past?

  • Obtaining peace of mind.

Make amends! Hash out any disputes or disagreements that you're harboring. Knowing that you have made strides by improving upon your actions will remove a guilty conscience or any ill feelings.

  • Being courageous with change

Be willing to face the truth about yourself. In order for growth to take place a change must occur. You must have the courage to let go of our old self and allow your true self to penetrate. 

                   A ship is safe in harbor, but that's not what ships are for.  


  • Not relying on someone else to be happy 

No one should be the spine of your happiness. It is yourself and your own attitude that determines ones happiness. As humans, we do need human interaction for balance and sanity. Life is however a cycle where people come and go. This is why you must be in-tune with ones self. You must know your self worth so that your life can go on.  

  • Ignoring the pressure to be perfect. 

How do we even really know what perfection is? What may be perfect to me may not be perfect to you. There will always be someone with an extra edge of you; but perfects boring anyways. Be candid! People appreciate the real, so be real. Be the best version of you. You may make mistakes but learn from them.

  • Not comparing myself to others 

We all compare yourself to others from time to time but when it infringes on self esteem bigstock-team-1712000-e1367933525142and insecurities, it becomes a long and dangerous path.  Your self worth is yours and it of-course begins with your own self acceptance. It is only then that peace is given. Love yourself.

  • Embracing uniqueness

If we were all meant to be the same don't you think nature would've done it? We are unique even down to the genes in our cells. So why try to fit in if you were meant to stand out. Love yourself - truly love yourself, and everyone else would love you more for it. 

             A Peacock wouldn't know how beautiful he is if he does not spread his feathers.


  • Living life according to my own standards 

You must know your own morals and principles by which you can live life in full appreciation. Know the importance of putting yourself first at times is very important. Keep your chin up even if everyone is not pleased.

  • Practicing patience 

This is a trait that I myself struggle most with. Persons around would not carry out the same lifestyle that you may be living in the very manner that you opted not to live as they do. However, each persons opinions and choices are theirs to have and make. Therefore, practicing a mannerism that exerts peace and nothing but. 

            'Have patience with all things but first of all with yourself.' ~ Saint Francis de Sales


CONGRATS! You made it to the end (this was a lengthy one - I know.. heheee). Nonetheless, there you have it; my tips and tricks to achieve self peace. Of-course, exactly what worked for me may not be what holistically works for you but there's only one way to find out what does and what doesn't. Try it and you'll see!


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