define ... YOU!

It's not often that someone asks you to define who you are. But if you were asked, what would you say?

Honestly, I haven't been happy with myself for the longest time - actually, as long as I remember. I try too hard, fall too fast and get hurt
too easily. I am always ignored by people and I try not to be negative all the time. I don't know what I do wrong but apparently I'm always doing something wrong. My family sees me as ca47213d38120094f953c0c1d633a496the outcast and I fight to fit in. I seem to think that I am a caring, compassionate, sensitive, thoughtful, intelligent, non judgmental, passionate, talented (in basically everything) and supportive of those around and their dreams and aspirations.  However, all that's apparently seen is my sarcasm (which I must admit is my first language), negativity (even though I'm a firm believer of the universe), bad temper or attitude and my over sensitivity. Is what people see of me really the definition of who I am?

I am no expert, but I think that both aspects define you as a person. You can be an angel but having the reputation of a being a little devil will in some way affect you and how you int urn view yourself. We all want to be known for some good in-spite of the bad which may slide by our way.

Now that we've got that out of the way, take a minute and think - who are you really? What really makes you who you are? What really defines you?

Let me help;

1. Consider your biggest accomplishments.

file_101560_0_baby_mirror2. Consider your biggest downfalls.

3. Identify what you've learned.

4. Ask yourself what's most important to you.

5. How does what you've learned leak into your value statements?

6. Does your values guide your decisions?

7. Put all of that together, and let it define you.

Others don't define you. You define yourself. I hope the definition of you is one you're pleased with and if not, only you will know whether a change is best for you as a person.

In-spite of it all, you're an imperfect person but that's what makes you truly be-YOU-tiful.


Stay Blessed. Stay Golden. 


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