Personalize Plain Make-up brushes || a D.I.Y

Personalize Plain Make-up brushes || a D.I.Y

I had ordered (through someone) a makeup brush set. Accidentally, two were ordered. It didn’t make sense to me to have two identical brush sets and use them both – it’s a me thing.
Therefore, I decided to find a way to make them different. I Youtubed and Youtubed trying to find ways to jazz up the brushes but to no avail. I now had to sit and actually use my brain (…and boy was that work). I looked around my little dorm room trying to visualize what I had, what I could use and what grand idea I could come up with.

The following is the result of my labor. 


Items used:
1. Nail Polish – any number and any color of your choice
2. Your plain brushes – obviously
3. scotch tape
4. Tissue
5. Scissors
6. Container with water – deep enough to dip the tail end of the brushes in
7. Nail Polish Remover
8. Cotton swabs

It took me a while to grasp the flow, but once I figured what I liked and how I got it it became a little easier. 

Check out the tutorial for a step by step of how I did it: 


I definitely hope you try it out.


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Stay Golden.

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