EDM: Unity and a Peaceful Message

EDM: Unity and a Peaceful Message

A Sign Of The Times 

Technology has become so much more advanced than it was just decades ago. What was once the size of a Buick can fit in the palm or your hand. The technology that governs our lives and runs our world has now taken over our music. There are no lyrics or very little words that sound mechanical. This techno or EDM music songs are popular with younger millennials and have given rise to a drug culture that fuels an underground rave scene complicit in the most illegal activities you could imagine. There are scantily clad women with loose morals, cheap drugs, loud trendy music, and a colorful and relaxed environment. At least that's what one of my friends told me. This culture that is vilified is strikingly similar to the "flower child" movement that called themselves hippies. This is much different, now we're called hipsters and they're wearing more rainbow-colored clothes. Several more drugs have been invented since as well. Hey, no one said the concert scene was clean. 


The idea of PLUR

PLUR is an acronym for Peace Love Unity and Respect. The biggest part of the PLUR phrase that relates to EDM is the unity that it has created. You can go to Brussels and hear a techno song then take a jet to Dubai and hear a different song  and understand both even if you only speak English. You can request a song from a DJ and not have them understand you because A. they can't hear you and don't take requests, or B. they don't speak a word of English. People everywhere can relate to the sound, melody, and frequency of an EDM song that makes them want to dance, and love, without the disrespect of a moshpit. 


The Dance of Our Age

The formless and varied dancing performed at these EDM events are more than just an expression of emotion. It is words without speech, movement for the sake of the conveyance of a larger idea. In a dark club amidst the resonance of and EDM song you can't see color, or won't hear the accent of your dance partner. You can hear the music and see the moves that flow to the rhythm of a mechanical beat. The human influence has always been there but as music becomes more automated, the result is we are not following the beat of our own drum but are now following the beat of a mechanical one. This generation signifies a transition and fusion of humanity, not only our fusion and acceptance of technology but the acceptance of each other. Because if we can all cheer a man in a giant maus head, or talk to a man on the street dressed as a pony, then what sort of acceptance could we possibly hold back? 



Peace is the answer

When you ask an EDM fan, and in my personal opinion, the tranquility of a good song will put anyone at peace. If there are lyrics,, seldom are the words negative or disparaging. Raves and EDM aren't for everyone, some may not like that there could be drugs there but wouldn't you like to be able to tell your children you went to the modern day, Woodstock? You have so many choices to make in life that the stress of a hard week has the potential to melt away from the thumping of a speaker and caress of a stranger. You will never find a better place to unwind and meet a friend that you would have never met before because the unity and love of a festival centered on EDM can free the mind and let it soar to heights that it has the potential to reach. Peace and Love are the answer that you have been seeking and the state of mind that has eluded you till now. Are you listening to EDM yet? Go, go listen and enjoy the tranquility. 


Published by Blake Gardner


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