Why this year's Election is so Over

Why this year's Election is so Over

Oct 27, 2016, 7:44:56 AM News

There is nothing I Hate more than seeing Government buildings become a circus, and after this November there will be a clown in the White House. I don’t care if you’re voting Democrat or Republican, there is more unrest about the 2016 election than there has been since a time immemorial to our people. You may have strong feelings for some of the issues that one of America’s two parties have traditionally supported, or opposed, but how can you be happy with such a bad selection of candidates?

Politicians have historically been corrupt, but not as corrupt as this year’s ballot. Rigging elections has become easier, and whatever we learned from Putin on how to rig them has been implemented here. But why trust a delicate network of “voting machines” when you can trust our country’s “electoral college”? Which I just learned is not actually a college.


Typically the electoral college has been as shady as the federal reserve. But I will tell you one thing, this year I am not voting for the two party system. Honestly, why would I when Trump has no chance to get my electoral representative?

This year please think of the hungry children. Vote President Katniss Everdeen #PresidentMockingjay. 


Published by Blake Gardner


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