Know your birthstone and lucky gemstones

Know your birthstone and lucky gemstones

Dec 3, 2016, 11:28:41 PM Life and Styles

Hello beautiful ladies ! Hope you are having great times. Every day is a special day but your birthday is one day which is meant to be exciting. And when we talk of birth months , we definitely talk about zodiac signs related to every month .But what we don’t talk is that every month is associated with a specific birthstone, which is recommended to wear for specific zodiac signs. So for all those who know and who don’t, today we talk about which zodiac jewelry fits your sign the best. BNB brings to you the benefits of these birthstones you shouldn’t miss out.



January’s GARNET symbolizes passionate devotion, friendship, vitality and balance and is often seen in its most popular reddish-brown color.

GARNET is also called gem of faith, many think that it represents constancy and truth, it is also believed that this precious gemstone possess curative powers.



AMETHYST is a member of the quartz family and easily demonstrates longevity and durability. February’s amethyst symbolizes sincerity and security. Its rich color – ranging from deep violet to pale lavender – is associated with royalty and nobility.



March’s AQUAMARINE symbolizes loyalty, honesty and beauty and is most prized in its vivid aqua blue tone. Aquamarines are easily paired with any outfit. It complements the outfit giving you an edge and glamour. It is the true symbol of beauty and elegance. It is the symbol of happiness and everlasting youth.



April’s DIAMOND has a place in the hearts of women the world over, and symbolizes purity and strength. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend , as the saying goes and they truly are. The diamond gemstone is considered a gemstone that gives its owner protection from evil, based on Greek beliefs. The diamond color spectrum stretches many hues, however value is based on color and clarity.



May’s EMERALD symbolizes wisdom, faith, success in love and domestic bliss, and has been used in many cultures to ward off evil. Emerald’s green hue symbolize success and happiness. It gives fresh, peaceful, and soothing effect just like looking and breathing the fresh air of the grass fields . It is the color that reflects harmony and love for our Mother Nature.




The qualities that PEARLS are said to represent are health and longevity . June’s PEARL symbolizes success, happiness and love, and is harvested from saltwater oysters and freshwater clams to produce the desired lustre.



July’s RUBY symbolizes love and passion and is said to attract good luck. From the Latin word for red, ruber, some cultures also believe this pink to deep red gemstone can offer protection from evil. This gemstone is one of its kind as it is most popularly worn stone in jewellery.



The green color of this gemstone is particularly symbolic of nature. This includes the renewal of life and the ability of a person to feel refreshed and relaxed. It is one of the more interesting kinds of gemstones because it involves the beauty of the world.

August’s PERIDOT symbolizes strength with its naturally occurring olive green color. Often called the ‘evening emerald’, PERIDOT is said to protect the wearer from evil dreams if set in gold.



September’s SAPPHIRE symbolizes peace and serenity, purity, wisdom, loyalty and faith. Most commonly associated with a strong blue color.

Sapphires possess the power in order to banish jealousy and envy. They look so uber cool when worn in summers.



October’s OPAL symbolizes hope and innocence, with repeating patterns producing its renowned radiance. Derived from the Latin opalus, or stone, most opals are white but can be transparent too with flecks of pink color.

The gemstone is considered as the most colorful and some have gone a step further to refer it as the queen of gems.WOW !



November’s TOPAZ symbolizes consistency, faithfulness and friendship, and is thought to have healing properties to help breathing disorders. Found in a variety of colors, the prized Imperial Topaz is orange with pink undertones.

Spiritual transformation, happiness and feelings of rejuvenation are also connected with Topaz.  Its healing features are associated with providing treatment for asthma, insomnia and tuberculosis.



December’s blue TOPAZ symbolizes strength, wealth, protection from harm, psychic sensitivity and connection to the spirit world – hence its used by many ancient cultures as a protection amulet.

TOPAZ adds the qualities of being optimistic,  good-humored, straightforward, philosophical and intellectual.

So hope you enjoyed learning about the benefits of your birthstone. And if you really do not believe in gemstone astrology , what is the harm in wearing one colorful piece of stone to accentuate your beauty! These stones are soooo beautiful!

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