"Reckless Heart" by Barbara McMahon - Review

"Reckless Heart" by Barbara McMahon - Review

Sep 29, 2016, 8:15:01 PM Entertainment

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I loved all the stories in this series so far but this one is my favorite. Josh is a handsome, bossy, and stubborn Texas cowboy. But, there is something about him that draws you in.

"Reckless Heart" by Barbara McMahon is book number three in the "Harts of Texas" series. This is Molly Forrester and Josh Hart's story.

Molly has taken a job at Josh's ranch as housekeeper and cook. Well, she hopes to convince him to give her the job. Molly is running from a controlling father and her ex-fiancé. She has to get this job and make it work until she can get her book published.

Josh has gone through six housekeepers in the last six months. But, Molly isn't right for the job. She doesn't look like she has worked a day in her life. He doesn't have much choice so he makes sure Molly knows this is just temporary. Once the agency finds someone more suitable then she is gone or maybe not.

I really loved this story. I fell in love with Josh and Molly's characters. The chemistry between Josh and Molly was really intense. Will they take a chance on love? Or will they allow emotional issues from their past to keep them from finding true happiness and love?

I loved this series! Texas, cowboys, and ranches what's not to love. I loved the cowboys working at the ranch. Maybe Lance could get his own story or the start of a new series.

The Harts of Texas Series

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"Tangled Hearts" - Book 2

"Reckless Heart" - Book 3

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