"Smolder" by Tracy Solheim (Firefighters of Montana Book 1)- Book Review

"Smolder" by Tracy Solheim (Firefighters of Montana Book 1)- Book Review

Jul 18, 2016, 7:15:49 PM Entertainment

Smolder Smolder by Tracy Solheim

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Adventure, passion, forgiveness, and so much more make this an excellent read. I loved the characters and the supporting characters.

"Smolder" by Tracy Solheim is book one in the "Firefighters of Montana" series. This is former Army Ranger, Sam Gaskill and Laurel Keenan, champion horsewoman's story.

Sam moved from Texas to Montana so he could start his life over after losing his wife to a tragic accident. He accepted the job of captain of Glacier Creek's forest service station.

Laurel, single mom, has put all her dreams to the side to raise her son. Her son's father is a famous snowboarder training for the Olympics. He doesn't give much help in raising their son.

Laurel is training Sam's late wife's horse for the American Quarter Horse Championship. When they meet there is a strong attraction between them. But neither one feels that they are in a good place for a relationship. Will they be able to ignore the attraction between them? Author, Tracy Solheim, gets your attention right from the start and keeps it. What a great start to the "Firefighters of Montana" series. A well written, and fun and entertaining read! Looking forward to the next books in this series. FYI, includes mature content.

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