Flat lay

Flat lay

Aug 22, 2016, 11:29:37 PM Life and Styles

Hello everyone! 

Here are some of the flat lays that were made by me throughout this year. As you can see I always choose white background because it looks so minimal and your main content comes into the center of attentionI often choose just a few things, maximum  5, because I don’t like when it’s too much. On the contrary, I did see some of the flat lays that were made with a lot of things and still looked great, so it’s not impossible!

Never the less, flat lays are kind of my favorite pictures on Instagram. They’re something between real art photography and selfies. And the best part – it is fun to make them and anyone can do it. 



The beauty of a flat lay is that you can use almost anything. I mean, ANYTHING, as long as it has its part in the photo and it doesn’t stand out. In the picture above I used wet wipes. I mean wtf? But, it does make sense. The packaging is cute and it has its purpose. Every item says “Summertime”. I also frequently use cups of coffee, food, books, magazines, beauty products, clothes, perfumes and flowers.



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