A lost boy

Rocking his brother to sleep. Staring so intently at his cute younger brother, the young man thinks “what a lost boy; he is so clueless about what is out there” humming and rocking with a beat so slow. The young man gets lost in thought. College is coming soon, responsibilities and stress are closing in fast. The young man brought back to reality by the little boy who rustles in his arm. So small and oblivious of how fragile he is, but oh how the little boy thinks he is so tough and durable. A couple hums later the young man comes to a realization that he too is “clueless of what’s out there” He too is small and fragile, not prepared for what’s coming in a few short days. Oh, how invincible the young man thought he was.  The young man chuckles, I too am “a lost boy.” 

Published by Branden Ho

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