Enjoy the day

The alarm is going off, and you're dreading getting up for the day. Still tired from last night, and you probably didn't get much sleep. You rush to get your morning routine done, so you can rush to the job you hate. You sit and ponder life probably unaware of some important date or deadline you have in your busy life. All the while you forget to "Enjoy the day" you forget to look up and watch the clouds float by you. Always rushing and taking all the beautiful things around you for granted. "Enjoy the day" Take time to observe all the beautiful things around you, yes even the people. The people who sometimes annoy you, they all have issues too. They too are rushing around to get to their spot in the world. So breathe and "Enjoy the day" things will happen, and things will come. Life is fleeting. So "Enjoy the day."

Published by Branden Ho

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