Hidden Emotions

Overwhelmed with emotion, An average individual would burst into tears revealing every emotion conceivable. Confronted with emotion, I tend to have stillnesses about me. Frequently, I find myself trying to grasp the information delivered to me. With a monotoned voice, I listen and convince the individual that I truly am concerned. I know they have skepticism about my empathy, but I sincerely care about the circumstances. I push the conversation forward, changing the dialogue to a new topic and eventually ending the conversation.

Taking a few days, I work through my emotions at the gym. Taking time to meditate and reflect, thinking about the unfortunate news. Running myself through every synopsis I could imagine. My emotions often hide from me, disengaged from my feelings I search high and low, but my emotions hide like prey concealing its self from a fierce hunter. Urgently attempting to hide in fear of being revealed and exhibited as a prize for all to observe.

Published by Branden Ho


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