Why are we so ugly?

Confronted today at lunch someone asked me “When you see that ugly person over there what pops into your head?” Confused at the question, I responded, “Why are you asking me a question of little significance?” That person replied with some unintelligent response, and I just walk away. However, that conversation stayed with me. At what point do we value someone's  feelings and life below ours based on preferences and appearances. In a life already filled with obstacles, why must we add fuel to the fire? That person whom you just deemed as ugly may have the sweetest personality. Each has their battles and self-conscious issues they fight every day; they don’t need another opponent in their life. Love and care for one another, even though we all dislike someone in our life, so what be the bigger person and greet them with a smile. Kill them with kindness because at the end of the day we will all return to dust.

Published by Branden Ho


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