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Amazing Escape

Aug 28, 2021, 3:25:11 AM Entertainment

How to Do A Virtual Escape Room?

Nowadays, many companies who have earlier opened up in-person Mystery room in Koramangala have spread their reaches over the online platform too. Many different and unique virtual escape rooms have come up today to provide entertainment to all those stuck in the immense boredom of their homes. Before you scrunch up your nose, thinking what fun can the Amazing Escape is, think again.

Virtual escape rooms can be quite as engaging and immersive as their offline counterparts! Just as in the case of playing an in-person escape room, there are a few tips and tricks that come in handy in virtual escape rooms. Here in this article, we shall talk about how to do a Mystery Rooms Koramangala and achieve success in the process. Let’s get started with the tips and tricks of playing virtual escape rooms!

1.     Effective communication is the main point!

Establishing a flawless communication network with all of your team members is crucial to winning any virtual escape room. Hence, it is essential to learn to listen and pay heed to what each of your team members has to say. Communicate with each of your team members as you take each step in the game. Escape rooms are essentially team games, and one can achieve no success if your team fails to work together.

2.     Make good use of your game guide!

Every Breakout escape room is equipped with a live host and a game guide. Players need to make judicious use of their game guide and are the most vital tool in any virtual escape room. Slow down your game guide and search the room minutely for clues to crack. As the game guide essentially functions as you in the game, it is vital to use them.

3.     Ask for clues when needed!

Just like in the case of in-person Breakout Escape Rooms, virtual escape rooms also provide clues to the players when asked for! Do not let any member of your team remain stuck with one riddle for too long. You and your team must be able to manage time as per your needs judiciously. Time management is essential for any virtual escape room. Each escape room has a time duration of about 60-minutes, within which you and your team need to escape the room!

4.     Keep the online video conferencing tools downloaded before the game!

You and your team members must download the necessary video conferencing tools ahead of your time. Most of the escape rooms operate on the popular online video conferencing platform – Zoom. The gaming authorities generally provide the meeting ID and password a few hours before starting your game. Do not waste any of your time downloading the online video conferencing tools just a few minutes before the game. Keep it done before starting the game so that you do not waste any time after the meeting ID and password are allotted to you.

These are some of the few crucial tips and tricks to enjoy your next virtual escape room game effectively. So, go ahead and book a slot for your family or friends and have relaxed as you want the gaming experience!

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