The Detour: let’s take a road trip

The Detour: let’s take a road trip

Aug 19, 2016, 6:19:38 PM Entertainment

So, for quite sometime now, I’ve been looking for a TV show, so eye-popping, so entertaining and enormously compelling as was Mad Dogs, and for a minute I thought I would never find any, until TBS’ The Detour came along.

The Detour gave me a break from those boring sitcoms that excel in forced humour, repetitive sub-plots, predictable storylines and confined indoor shoots.

Two episodes into The Detour and I knew I had found my most Favorite 2016 TV series.

The Detour is more like Vacation The Movie, only that it’s more captivating and long!

The series, which was actually inspired by a real couple’s  vacations’ experiences; is the show you ought to be obsessed with right now!


It revolves around Nate Parker (played by Jason Jones) who takes his family of one wife and two kids on a road trip. The road trip to Florida is filled with loads of drama, and packed with mounds of raunchy humour!

At no point does the Series get monotonous; its fairly fast-paced, the cast is amazing in bringing out their roles, and Liam Carroll who plays the couple’s son is just too hilarious and quick-witted.

The first season is 10-episodes long, with each episode not exceeding 30 minutes.

If you like mature comedy shows, you definitely will love this!….and that shocking revelation at ending of the first season; who could have see that coming!?

I cannot wait for 2017, to catch the second season!

This show is just too incredible, to say the least!


Mbithi Brian


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