Be, not do.

I begin encouraged, every new year
Making resolutions, here and there
I say to myself, "I'll drink less beer"
"I'll lose some weight, so I can look like a pear"

Yet time and time again
I fail most of them, expectedly
My determination becomes light, ideals so mundane
In the end, it's like I failed again, at chemistry

Yet I realize I made all these goals
But never planned
Growing these plans as a whole
But instead, stayed bland

I guess you gotta plan before the new year comes
So you got a better idea of what to do
Prepare in the slum, what to do in the grand
And work hard, to make your brand

And above all
don't do, be
because anyone can do
but not everyone, can be

Let my words be truth
And those who have ears, hear
For the difference between do, and be
Is, I-den-ti-ty

Therefore, this year
Don't do, just become
For when you become, you shall truly do

And the DO, shall not be your identity
because your identity won't be found, in what you do
It will be found, in you.

What are your New Year's plans? Goals? Ambitions?
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Published by Brian Vasquez

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