Commercial Joinery- Upscale Your Furniture

Commercial Joinery

Commercial Joinery- Upscale Your Furniture

Nov 29, 2021, 10:46:46 AM Business

Take a glance around you; you may have seen wooden furniture and yet do not know what joinery is? This happens with many.

Until they get their places built/renovated, many people do not know what exactly commercial joinery is.

Joinery, by definition, refers to the act of joining or attaching two things. This may be used in building furniture, providing flare with the old wooden piece that is passed on to you from generations, or anything that involves wood.

Commercial joinery, as the name suggests, refers to building wood items that are to be set up in a commercial space- Offices, Hotels, or cafes, etc.

Commercial joiners, to put it differently, are wooden architects. They build you wooden or timber stairs, windows, or any wooden intricate piece you can think of, by nailing/gluing/screwing the wooden planks together.

Who Is A Carpenter Then?

Having read that definition of Commercial Joiner, you may be trying to run the services of a carpenter in your mind and connect the dots.

Commercial Joinery focuses on ‘creating’ the pieces- staircase, cabinets, while carpentry is focused on 'fitting’ them on the construction site.

Commercial joinery builds what the carpenter installs in the under-construction building. So whilst the commercial joinery takes place in a workshop, carpentry takes place on the construction site.

Why Commercial Joinery?

When you visit a place, especially a hotel, you know how much the furniture at the reception area shapes your perception of that place.

Interior design plays a vital role in setting the tone of an area. Furniture is an integral part of interiors, and if the furniture is attractive, it sets a good tone for the area.

Having a piece that is attractive and useful (in terms of storage) is the cherry on the cake. It shows how well the place is organized and designed.

Commercial Joinery aids you in delivering a perfect ambience to your place as-

It ensures that the wooden structures of your place are well joined for your safety.

It helps you create a space that defines you and caters to your needs- in terms of storage, design, and even budget.

If you are tight on budget, it can help you reuse our old pieces and transform them into new ones, making your business sustainable

What to remember when hiring Commercial Joiners?

Making any mistake while hiring your Joiner can disrupt your budget.

Following are a few tips to keep your budget intact and derive maximum utility from every penny you spend on your commercial joinery-


Now that you know the difference between joiners and carpenters, I assume you won’t hire a carpenter instead of a joiner and vice-versa. This is the first thing to be wary of.


Run your needs and budget by your Joiner. No matter how spacious or tight your space is, Commercial Joinery helps you make the best use of your space by knowing your style, needs, and budget.


Enquire about Joiner’s experience. Everyone prefers a joiner that has been in the profession for a significant amount of time. Experienced joiners know how to deliver to the customer’s needs and can even suggest designs fitting your space and profession. In this respect, mistakes in the woodwork can take your bill to new heights.


Enquire about the materials they use. Using cheap material seems like a good cost-cutting way, but it can prove hefty in the long run due to its non-durability. Therefore, it is essential to be well-informed about the materials that go into shaping your furniture.

The Bottom Line

With a plethora of material choices available, focusing on sustainability can help you narrow down these options and make your work-space sustainable.

So, now you know how to upscale your home or work-space without disrupting your budget and environment.


Published by Brianna Normanby

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