Tips From A Plumber, On How To Avoid Plumbing Emergencies?

Tips From A Plumber, On How To Avoid Plumbing Emergencies?

Jun 18, 2021, 11:06:49 AM Business

Every home may over the course of time experience some problems with its plumbing system due to regular wear and tear. These problems can usually be solved with the services of local plumbers. However, there may be some plumbing emergencies that would be totally unexpected and result in severe disruption in the water supply or water drainage within your home.

Such plumbing emergencies may take time to repair and are expensive to cover, while also causing inconvenience to your entire family. To resolve the same, you will be required to hire the services of professional plumbers who will first identify the underlying cause and then resolve the problem only after discussing the same with you.

While not all plumbing emergencies can be avoided, one can minimize their occurrence and impact by using the following tips shared by professional plumbers.

Reduce The Dependence On Chemicals To Clean Your Plumbing Lines

While drain cleaners may seem like an immediate and simple solution to the problem of clogged drains, they may eventually end up damaging the plumbing system in the long run. Most of the chemicals in drain cleaners are extremely harsh and may end up damaging the plumbing tubes, leading you to overhaul and replace the tubes after some time.

Many professional plumbers suggest using bacterium-based cleaners, since they help dissolve the organic matter stuck within the tubes and open up clogged drains, rather than damaging the inner surface.

Maintain Separate Valves

Having individual valves for the different areas in your home will give you better control over the water supply running through your home. It also helps you shut off the water supply to areas with leakage or undergoing repair and replacement, whenever required. This will ensure that you still have a water supply in your kitchen, while you shut off the water supply to the washrooms, which may have a leakage problem.

Using separate valves for flow control can help you maintain a regular water supply without wastage in an emergency. But, you must only avail of the services of professional plumbers to resolve the issue.

Have A Maintenance Contract For Your Plumbing System

Periodic checks and maintenance of your plumbing system by professional plumbers can help detect potential problems in time and address them before they evolve and get damaged beyond repair. You can have a yearly maintenance contract with your plumbing company, which not only includes periodic checks by them but also covers basic and minor repairs if required.

Avoid Draining Oil And Grease Down Your Plumbing Lines

Oil and grease from food and other sources, when discarded down your plumbing lines, pile up and clog your drainage line. While drainage cleaners may slowly clear the lines up, the fat and grease stick to the sides of the pipes and reduce the flow of water and other waste.

Your drainage pipes will take more time to clear up and eventually get clogged permanently, leading to a plumbing emergency. The only solution then would be to repair or replace the entire drainage system, which will be both, time-consuming and an expensive exercise.

Avoid Plumbing Emergencies

While all emergencies cannot be avoided, setting up mechanisms to deal with them such as separate water release valves for individual areas and reducing the dependence on chemicals to open clogged lines can go a long way in ensuring smooth and long-term functioning of your plumbing system.

Even after taking all these aspects into consideration, you might still require the services of a professional plumber. Sometimes, emergencies happen at odd hours when finding a plumber becomes difficult. Therefore, hire a company that provides an effective and round-the-clock service for a quick resolution.

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