Review: My Take on Daily Burn

Review: My Take on Daily Burn

Jul 5, 2016, 4:00:00 AM Life and Styles

I am a health and fitness guru, so when the opportunity to try a new workout comes around I jump on it! I discovered Daily Burn through my Hulu account back in January of this year. I didn't think too much of it at first because I knew it wasn't something I would be able to use in my extremely tiny campus living room. However, when my mom bought a Special K box of Pastry Crisps that had a free 60 day trial on it, I knew I had to give it a try! I'm a college student, I don't say no to free things! So once summer started and I moved back home for the season, I began as soon as I could! I've been doing the workouts for almost the full 60 days now and I don't think I can stop there! However, there are a few things I would change about the overall program.

Ok, so if you don't know what Daily Burn is about here is the low down:

Daily Burn is a fitness website/workout forum for anyone of all ages, shapes and sizes. You sign up for an account and BOOM you automatically get a free 30 day trial with the program. The main feature the website offers is it's Daily Burn 365. Each day at 9am ET a brand new 30 minute workout is posted. That workout is available all day. There are also designed workout programs to choose from based on intensity and duration. Personal coaches, nutrition and recipes are also available for your own personal use.

Check out all of this on their website here.

A Few Hangups

  • The workouts are gone after 24 hours: I would have loved to come back to some of the workouts that I really have enjoyed, but they are only available the full day that they are posted on. However, there is a "Best of 365" tab on the website that has a selection of past workouts.
  • The Price: the most basic plan offered is $12.95 a month (after the 30 day trial of course) which does not include the coach or nutrition info. However, it does include all the workout options which is really what it's all about anyway. Now $12.95 really isn't that expensive when you think about the price of a gym membership, but for a college student paying for Hulu/Netflix as is, not to mention other life needs, (notice where my priorities are?) that's a little steep.
  • The Length of DB365: the 365 workouts are only 30 mintues each. For someone who needs to get in a full blown workout, you gotta pair Daily Burn with something else. I always hit the treadmill after.

The Things I Love

  • Varied Exercises: each workout every morning is brand new! You never know what to expect besides the fact that you're gonna sweat! There is nothing stagnant about this program! For people who are burnt out on the same routine, this will never happen with Daily Burn.
  • The Accessibility: I do Daily Burn right from my living room! I AirPlay it from my laptop to my Apple TV or play straight from the laptop. Daily Burn will work on essentially any device, which makes it easy to take with you anywhere you go!
  • The Trainers: the trainers that run each workout are absolutely awesome! The energy is high and the people doing the workout on the screen are genuinely sweating and pushing themselves, which encourages me to do the same! Not to mention, the host of Daily Burn is absolutely adorable and highly motivating.
  • The Results: since starting Daily Burn I no longer hate squats and they don't bother my knees nearly as much as they used to. I actually genuinely enjoy squats and lunges now. I've also seen an increase in the muscle definition in my triceps and biceps.
  • Inclusion: the workouts really are for everyone! Almost every exercise has a modified version for people who are either injured or can't lay on their backs or stomach. There are also options to add weights to most the exercises too. If you're pregnant, they tell you what version of the exercise to do as well! 


Overall Conclusion: If you are looking for a new workout to get you motivated and back in shape, Daily Burn is the way to go!


Published by Brigit Mannino

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