Why Being a College Student and a Blogger is so Problematic

If you are a regular reader, then you probably know that I am a college student and I primarily blog about books. Not only that but I am an Exercise Science major, which means SCIENCE, which means DEATH TO SOCIAL LIFE/FUN.

So I’m sure you’re thinking this post is pretty obvious? Well yeah you’re probably right! Oh well, I just think I’m past due for a good rant, but really I think this is a topic that many people can relate to! I personally know of some friends that go through the same seasonal struggle that I do.  Of course I would much rather be blogging and reading like crazy instead of studying for my two upper division biology classes and Organic Chemistry II (I know, why did they make two of them, and why did I take the second if I already took one?!). Well to put it simply I’m getting my minor in Chemistry. My dream/goal is to be accepted into my university’s doctorate program of Physical Therapy and graduate PT school! So yes, I’m very committed/dedicated to making this happen. If blogging and reading could be my career on the side then HELL YEAH, but that’s definitely wishful thinking.  So here are my reasons why Being a College Student and a Blogger is so Problematic.

1. Less posts published a week: my post ideas don’t go down, but the time to publish them certainly does! And the time to look for challenges or participate in memes or themed posts is compromised more which also leads to decreased posts.

2. Review Reminders: during the school year is the only time that I’ve ever had to physically put up sticky notes reminding me to write my reviews! How sad is that?! There are just a billion other things for school I have to remember, that it’s hard to realize that I haven’t posted my review for the recent book I’ve finished, which brings me to #3.

3. SOOO much less time to read: say goodbye to binge reading and late night reading when you have 8am classes or exams. The main time I read during the school year is when I’m exercising or right before bed for about 30 minutes, (or even in line for food/on the bus). So naturally I can only read a book every 1-2 weeks. It’s just the sad reality of college life.

4. Views/reach goes down:wow have my views gone down already since school started. Not that that is my reason for blogging whatsoever, but I mean sure it makes me feel a little better and that people are actually seeing what I’m writing.

5. Genuine feeling of blogger inadequacy: naturally as views and posts go down I begin to feel like I’m the worst blogger ever and I’m never going anywhere with it. It’s a pretty sucky feeling.

Overall Feels/Silver Lining:

Through all the school stress, my blog is one of the best therapies I can think of! It’s so wonderful to be able to come back to this at the end of the day. To always have a reason to be writing and more importantly to be reading! My blog keeps me on top of finishing more books, and is a constant outlet for me to express myself. In the end this blog is more-so for me than to get followers and have rising numbers. So I’m gonna keep on trucking because Escape Inside the Pages is a part of me and my happiness.

Any similar thoughts or comments to add? Please share! Thanks for reading guys!

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