Top 10 E-Learning and educational App Development Companies in USA

Top 10 E-Learning and educational App Development Companies in USA

May 19, 2021, 11:48:13 AM Business

Top 10 E-Learning and educational App Development Companies in USA

Mobile app developers in the U.S are established on a daily rate, and it is worthwhile to hire one for your requirements. Businesses are flourishing great ROI in mobile app development. In the US market, there are more than 7000 mobile app development companies dedicated to building mobile apps for businesses. SoftwareWorld has curated a list to find out the best mobile app development companies in the United States. This list acts as a guide for understanding the best and reliable mobile app development companies that bring expertise and experience. You can find the top-rated IOS, Android and cross-platform mobile app development companies in the U.S with this list.

BrillMindz Technologies

Brillmindz technologies is honored to be called a reliable LMS & E-Learning mobile app development company in the USA. We enjoy support from a passionate test team, educational application developers, design experts, managers, and marketing specialists. You don't need to worry about sudden changes in requirements at each stage of the process because the team is equipped to handle it easily and perfection. The reliable and successful education application development service will ensure to build a perfect eLearning system without worrying with no concern from our skilled education application development services. Our application development team has built several revolutionary eLearning products that have served the motive to continue the education process or raise student knowledge.


ArcTouch connects his client to the world by designing a conversation platform working on Amazon Alexia and Facebook messenger. ArcTouch helps companies involved in Blockchain technology, IoT products and AI. ArcTouch has been associated with world-class clients since 2007. The company has created high-tech applications and websites with the help of teams that share expert thinking on the latest technology products they make.

Dom & Tom: 

If you want to add value to your business and score high on your customer list; Ten DOM & Tom is your digital solution partner. This company is vibrant, talented, and transparent about the ideas. From high profile clients to the next generation start-up, Dom & Tom empowers clients with a breakthrough digital resolution. The company believes in building long-term relationships and finds the best digital possibilities by undergoing their expertise in every aspect.


IntellectSoft is a boutique educational app development company in the USA and digital transformation consulting that provides advanced business solutions for its clients. IntellectSoft has helped the next generation Fortune 500 and start-up companies to parse modern complex problems. The software company has evolved as the most reliable and trustworthy visionary platform. IntellectSoft, with a dedicated developer team, has partnered with world-class clients by providing exceptional service.

Y Media Labs: 

Y Media Labs is the main power tool that offers the best solutions in its class for all business problems that apply in the digital era. Software companies are innovative designers, application developers, and web tool managers that make products that leave the eternal impact. With basic breakwater technology, Y Media Labs has made an impressive reputation among world-class business clients. If you are looking for a company ecosystem that gives human nuances through the application, then the Media Labs is just what you are looking for!


Sciencesoft is a one-stop platform for all your software development needs. Whether you are looking forward to developing special or successful software for the company's solution, their developer team, along with companies partnering fighting to excellence. Their customers include companies such as Walmart, eBay, NASA, IBM, and so on. They have built companies in CRM, e-commerce, analytics data, and information security. They start small and focus on developing based on unique technology, namely, AI, and now they include more technology such as machine learning, large data, Internet of Things, AR / VR, and computer vision.


Exadel is a product engineering company that supports organizations at each stage of their digital transformation trips. This helps the company redefine the way they do business by developing their product and core platforms, and facilitate the transition to the cloud. Exadel is a leader in agile development distributed, utilizing resources on three continents.


Shakuro is a mobile app and web development and digital design agency that has been providing its services since 2006. From evaluating the business idea to launching the finished product, the company does everything. It has a strong team of graphic, UI/UX designers, software developers, QA engineers, and project managers who are trained to meet the needs of clients. The company specializes in full-cycle mobile and web development, UI/UX design, branding, and illustration for a variety of industries from Art Communities to E-Commerce.

360 Degree Technosoft: 

360 technosoft has a 360 degree approach to find a problem solution faced by our clients. We always try to mitigate software problems optimally. Our timely response to provide solutions for client problems is always noticed, and we tend to maintain it in the same way forever and we will try and try to fix the problems faced by our clients. Following the latest technology trends including the latest software and services is always our saying to provide the best quality and guarantee to our clients.

Blue Label Labs: 

Blue Label Labs is a popular E-Learning app development company in the US that believes in designing applications that users like. Companies are related to designing user-friendly web applications inspired by the Google Venture methodology that is now famous. Blue Label Labs believes in the simplicity and supreme sophistication. Agile development methodology entered by the company ensures quality products for its clients. Blue Label Labs supports its clients with application launch planning and PR development.

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