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There is so much to be said about this article's feature image:  Your Body is a Reflection of Your Lifestyle. How do you interpret this?  The image is seemingly obvious, but for many, it can be more subliminal than what we see on the outside.  

Its no secret that stress is a silent killer.  Some of the major factors that onset stress are, well, other people of course (adults and children), a death of a loved one, financial mishaps, and other wordly hardships.  Throughout life's hardships, some scale back on eating, some eat a lot more than usual, some never sleep and become restless, some take on anxiety, then depression and the stress levels rise higher and consume their whole world.

Any number of those things and other stress ailments can, in effect, take a toll on your body, leading into a lifestyle that we may not be proud of, and can and will usually lead to illness and diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and the list goes on.

So in retrospect, your body is a reflection of your lifestyle.  And just to make it clear, thin and skinny does not necessarily mean that someone is healthy.  Being "healthy" has a lot to do with your genetic DNA.  

I strongly encourage everyone to take a long look in a full body mirror and analyze your life choices.  Are you content with your body?  If not, be honest and tell yourself why.  Pay close attention to certain things like, do you have dark circles that aren't hereditary? Do you feel or look malnourished, too skinny or too big?  Do you have heart palpitations often?  Trouble breathing? Dry skin? Brittle nails? Flaky skin and/or scalp?  Achy joints and back pain?  Loss of joy?  

Where are you in life right now?  Regardless of whether you're content in your place in life right now or not, think of ways that  you can make your life better than what it is right now.  Maybe that means removing yourself from people that are more of a negative influence than a positive one in your life.  Even family.  

Are you on track to accomplishing your goals and dreams?  Do you have a healthy support system?  Are you surrounding yourself with people that uplift you and allow you to flourish?  Do you have integrity?  Do you have morals that you truly value?  What can you do for someone else, or others today or tomorrow that will brighten that person's day?  

I would love nothing more than to brighten someone's day with genuine words and even acts of encouragement, and start us all on the path of what I like to call Clean Living; a means to simplify life and get the results out of it that we all strive for.  We can only get out of life, exactly what we put into it. Don't fall victim to stress and all the medical ailments that come along with it.  There is a better future for you; lets take the leap of faith together!

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