Poetry: The Some Days

Poetry: The Some Days

Sep 15, 2016, 2:32:03 AM Creative


Picture: Pinterest with editing by Britt Cole

Poem: Britt Cole


The Some Days


Some days I'm happy,

Some days I cry,

Some days I'm sad,

Some days I try,


I do my best today,

I do my worse tomorrow, 

I try again the next, 

I fall short and feel hallow. 


I'm not a perfect princess,

Nor a dashing knight,

But I do need saving tonight.


"Do it and do it right" they say, 

No chance is given, 

I fail everyday, 


Some days I fall,

Some days I soar, 

Other days I'm left lying on the floor. 


I try,

I fail, 

I try, 

I win.


Some days are good,

others are better,

Some days are bad,

others are worse


Everyday I try, 

that's the best I can do. 


If I don't try, 

I can't play,

If I can't play,

I can't win, 

If I can't win, 

What am I?


A monster, 

A perfect, 





I am scattered, 

I am lost,

I am a monster created, 

by perfect others,

and by the,

lesser some days. 

Published by Britt Cole

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