Searching Cover Reveal!!

Searching Cover Reveal!!

Oct 31, 2016, 10:00:00 AM Creative

Hello nerds! So we all know I am a writer, if you did not know, I am one. However, all I have posted on here is my poetry but today I am revealing the cover of my first fiction. So take a look at my first novel! Hope you like it! 



If your world was taken from you would you go searching for it?

Raina Beeves is just your everyday, run of the mill, nobody wants, medieval girl. With missing parents, she is left with her aunt and uncle, much to their disappointment. Maybe they don’t like her because they prefer her brother or maybe because she started to learn how to fight. She trains for weeks for one simple task, save her brother from an evil dragon. Shouldn’t be too hard right? Wrong, with magic portals, shifty strangers, new lands, and fairy tales coming to life anything can happen.

While searching for her brother she may find more than she bargained for, but, isn’t that what true adventure is about?

*Synopsis will be added to the back soon guys but look at this beauty*


Published by Britt Cole

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