1st Trimester Pregnancy Must Haves

1st Trimester Pregnancy Must Haves

Aug 25, 2016, 9:27:01 PM Life and Styles

Here is my list of the 1st trimester pregnancy must haves...

(I was not contacted by any of the companies or paid to endorse any of these items.)

1. Boyfriend Jeans

In my first trimester of pregnancy, I didn't need any maternity clothes yet. Regardless, it was still nice to wear looser clothing. Most of my time was spent in yoga pants by my own no-shame choosing, but for when I left the house, it was nice to still feel somewhat normal and put on a pair of jeans. Boyfriend style jeans are made looser and perfect for when you want to feel more comfortable, yet still look stylish.

2. Garden of Life Prenatal Vitamins

While these are a little more on the expensive side, it's super worth it. The vitamins are certified USDA organic, non-GMO, and made from REAL nutritious foods. I chose these, because I wanted to stay away from the prenatal vitamins that contain artificial flavors and preservatives and stick to vitamins that are derived from food. These vitamins also contain ginger and peppermint to help soothe your stomach.

3. Yogi Women's Mother-to-be Tea

Mother-to-be Tea contains a blend of herbs (raspberry, peppermint, nettle, spearmint, dandelion, fennel, and cardamom) to help support your body during pregnancy. Raspberry leaf has been used for centuries by midwives and herbalists to support the female body. Spearmint, peppermint, and fennel are traditionally used to help soothe minor upset stomach. I like to add a little almond milk and honey to mine. It's perfect to drink in the morning when you wake up as a replacement for coffee or before you go to sleep to help you relax. I liked to drink mine in a warm epsom salt bath before bed.

4. Fruit Infused Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is super important during pregnancy (and anytime). If you have a hard time drinking water, try infusing it with fruit to make it more tastier, or even vegetables. My favorite to use are lemon, strawberry, and cucumber.

5. Ginger Tummy Drops

I had really bad nausea during all of my pregnancies. These tummy drops helped me out so much. They were created by a GI doctor and are great for morning sickness. They are gluten-gree, non-GMO, and contain nothing artificial. To me, they taste sweet at first and then a little spicy. There is also a peppermint flavor you can get instead if you're not fond of ginger.

6. Ina May's Guide to Childbirth

This book is filled with great advice and inspiring birth stories. It will teach you about labor and birth while helping to reduce your fears and empower you. It will help you give birth with more ease, less pain, and less medical intervention if that is what you desire.

7. Coconut Oil

What can't you use coconut oil for?

Coconut oil has so many benefits. It will moisturize your skin keeping it super soft and will help to prevent stretch marks. You can use it to cook with, as a lip balm, as toothpaste, and as face moisturizer. If you plan to breastfeed, you can also use it as a nipple cream.

8. Vomit Bags

If you have morning sickness,  I highly recommend carrying bags with you at all times, because you never know when the nausea will strike. Keep them in your car, in your purse, and always nearby. You can use something as simple as grocery bags.

9. Organic Saltine Crackers

For a healthier version, I decided to stick to the organic kind. I kept these handy for when I couldn't handle any heavy or flavorful foods. Eat frequent small snacks and meals throughout the day and first thing when you wake up to help prevent nausea.

10. Sea-Bands Acupuncture Wristbands

These are a great option for drug-free nausea relief without having to worry about any potential side effects.

11. Netflix

During my first trimester, I was extremely nauseous and tired, so I spent a lot of time in bed. Watching TV shows and movies on Netflix helped pass the time and distract me from how awful I felt. I also read books and played games on my kids tablet. Lots of Plants vs. Zombies were played.

12. Pregnancy Journal

Not your average pregnancy journal, this one is fun and humorous while still covering all the pregnancy details you may or may not want to remember. Add maternity and ultrasound photos, all of your cravings, and other details to look back on later. It's so easy to forget.


Did I miss anything? Add your 1st trimester pregnancy must haves in the comments below!


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