Bondi Beach, Australia

Bondi Beach, Australia

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Bondi is known as one of the worlds greatest beaches to both the locals and the foreigners of Sydney. It’s a place where the pacific ocean tickles your toes as your feet find their place amongst the white sand whilst you gaze upon the horizon. From sunrise to sunset, the beach is buzzing with beach goers all year round as surfers surf the waves and people make an escape to Bondi for it’s cafes, it’s crafty markets (on Sunday’s) or a sunset walk along the beach.

The waters of Bondi are painted in shades of blue, whilst the rocks that suppress the ends of the beach are packed with mini paddling pools filled with souls of the ocean.

What is even more convenient about a beach that is only 8km away from the most beautiful city in Australia, is that you can dine, exercise, swim, picnic, sun-bake – the list goes on – away from the hassle and mayhem of the city, but close enough that you can always make it back before dark. It really is the perfect combination.

Not only does Bondi beach have resturants and cafes from end to end, but Bondi also has the most beautiful pools you’ll come across at a beach, a seafood restaurant sitting right above them looking out over the entire beach (and beyond) and an array of art just opposite the famous shore of Bondi. As seen below, they are practically life size!

Who doesn’t love waking up early and having breakfast at the beach? Bondi supplies so many different breakfast and overall food options from vegan to steak lovers. When in Bondi try:

Speedos Cafe, Bondi Picnic, The Bucket List and Brown Sugar to name only a few.

If you have an entire day to spare at Bondi and don’t feel like laying around, try the Bondi to Bronte walk. The walk takes you along the coast of several beaches with amazing views and numerous beaches to cool you off at. This walk is one of the most famous coastal walks in Australia, and there is plenty of those in this country.

Bondi Beach is a bucket list destination for all travel enthusiasts, beach lovers and anyone else who loves the outdoors as this place is a destination in itself. The blue waters will be sure to make you feel like you are on a tropical island with the blazing sun on your skin and fresh juices being served almost at every corner.

Bondi is truly a magical beach with a heap of things to do, from the skate park by the beach to the coastal walk taking you to Bronte Beach. There’s no other way to spend a hot Australian day then at one of Australia’s most iconic beaches.

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