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What is Sixth Sense ?   Sixth Sense in scientific (or non scientific) terms is defined as Extra Sensory Perception or in short ESP it involves the reception of information not gained through any of the five senses, nor is it taken from any experiences from the past or known. Sixth Sense aims to move seamlessly integrate online information and tech into everyday life. By making available information needed for decisions making beyond what we have access to with our five senses, it effectively gives users a sixth sense. 

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The more we can look inside of ourselves when embarking on making choices, you will start to see changes in a positive way into your personal everyday life. You have to remember that decisions should be felt as right, not always is it a case of thinking what is right. From the moment we open our eyes after a nights sleep we are making decisions, some big some small, this goes on all day until we return to sleep again. Are you going to be successful today, do you want lunch or not, will I make more money today, will I lose money today, will I meet someone special today, will by family be happy and well, and it goes on and on, day in day out.

The most amazing thing about decisions is that at some point they will affect us big or small, some of the smallest ones can make the biggest wave, it can lead to one of the biggest decisions of your life, a change in hairstyle could lead us to our life partner !! You just never know.

The other aspect of all this thinking and decision-making can change our whole life, in one day, and when we make a mistake and take the wrong decision we also end up maybe very unhappy and waste time, time we cannot recuperate. We cannot recuperate money badly spent, we can not recuperate a loved one, that does not love us, and all the time and energy we spent on these type of things, leave us unsatisfied with our life in general.We have maybe lost time chasing a career that was the wrong choice for us,and your natural talent is swept under the carpet, you have lost business and opportunities because of the wrong decision. 

When you become better at making decisions, you also start to control your life better, you can guide your future for a better outcome with less failures and ever lasting happiness. To obtain all this, we need to call on our Sixth Sense, this is your inner power, your Sixth Sense is a conversation with yourself, it is always present, we just don’t always listen, have you never heard that little inner voice coming from deep inside, that tells you to do or not do something ? and when you have not listened, you have maybe had to regret that at a later date. 

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Did you know that we have our own GPS, and that we have it for life, and long before the car or the telephone, and of course this helps with our decision-making, when we allow it ! Most of us will make decisions on thinking is this the right or wrong thing to do, what would X do in this situation or are you one of those, who worry what others will think about your decision. If you make decisions in this way, it is not wrong,the problem is you are only using your head, and that is not always the best way, the head,the brain only represents 10% of your conscious mind ! so what does that tell you ? That means that this BIG decision you are making you are doing so, only using 10% of your true possibility……………………………not good eh!! Just think what we are missing, the perfect way , would be to feel what is best at that moment in time, what is your inner power telling you, you have your GPS use it, it will direct you the way to go,you have always had this little gift, but maybe you did not know about it, and how well it can serve you . Your personal GPS is powered by the heart,quote”Unlike your brain, the controlling flight, fight or freeze mechanisms cannot manipulate your heart” Your heart is the most authentic representative of who you really are, it is where fear cannot change a thing. Your heart has collected all your memories and experiences, and you can call on all of this whenever you want to. 

Sixth Sense is the voice of the soul, the more you listen, the more you know your true self”


Tomorrow we will look at how you can connect !


Published by Brooke Smitham

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