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I have recently been following a TV Reality show, where a group of people in this case (famous!) are left to survive on a desert Island, I have to say I do not follow this for entertainment reasons,quite the opposite, it draws me in from a psychological point of view, it never fails to amaze me how these so-called human beings behave and interact with each other , some from the first day, others as time goes on, how they struggle with a food shortage and everything else, don’t lets forget they do know where they are going, it’s not as if from morning to-night their personal situation has changed and this now is their new permanent life. As many are facing in Europe and further a field, as we know by the news we see everyday, these poor people leave their homes, families their whole life to be safe, and face the same conditions or much worse, sadly they do not have a film crew, who can step in when a dangerous or unstable situation pops up.


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So, back to the reality show for a moment, as I said previously they do know where they are going, do they prepare ? Most not at all, however when you see them in all their glory, ranting and raving at each other for silly stupid differences, they probably show themselves in a very poor light and we get the opportunity to see what shallow people they are, they have no companionship, love for their fellow-men etc., and most of them are excellent in the art of insulting, would this not be an excellent situation to give support to each other, even as a reality show, surely the more caring and understanding they were, would make them excellent survivors !! Working alongside each other, finding food, water etc., they even argue regarding the biggest fish, maybe they have never had to share and help others, to see, at times, this vicious vain that appears still amazes me, with everything we know and see in this world, how they pick on the weakness of others,and actually take delight in seeing human distress,do these people realise that others live in the world with them and do they know what a heart is ? What I have noticed is that at the end of the 3 month period, if they survive that long, they do start to appreciate (a little) what they have in their normal everyday life. And this is what matters most to me, do we really realise what we have, I am talking basics here, water, light,gas, food, clothes…. these are the basic things we need, obviously we all go far beyond these basics, we have a bed to sleep in, we have a roof over our heads, we have hygiene facilities, we have electric , and so much more the list is endless and we still would not be talking luxuries, which again many of us will have. We have had an education, and much more that has made us who we are today, Do we need to go to a desert Island to take note of all this, I hope not, but, maybe the answer is yes, do we need to leave everything behind and run in the middle of the night to feel safe and free ? again I hope not, but it does make me think of the terrible situation we have today, with people having to leave their country,everything that made up their lives, not knowing where they are going and to what! The thought would be terrible, as individuals there is nothing on a grand scale we can do, however if we show kindness when we can, respect other people and help when we can, we will be doing our little part. Maybe above all we should be truly grateful for everything we have, big or small, we do take lots of our life for granted and I honestly feel we are all guilty to some degree of this. So my post today is a wake up call to all of us, the next time we maybe have no water for the day, think of these people who deal with this everyday, not just a couple of hours, don’t get angry when the supermarket does not have what you went out for, we still have a choice,when the light bulb blows and we don’t have a spare,these little things that we some times think come into our life t are unimportant, and let’s be grateful for everything and everyone we have within our world.

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