Aug 6, 2016, 11:16:33 PM Life and Styles

Love yourself - What does that mean to you, it is amazing to find how many people, really have no idea reagarding the concept of loving themselves, what is very true, is that you cannot love anyone else in the true manner of the words, if you do not love yourself. When we love another we want the best for them, and this should always apply to you also, you should care about everything you do in the same way, do you do that ? Love is not just a physical thing between two people it is much deeper than that, are you a good listener, a good carer, a good person ! Many things we take for granted and many things we do not even see, we are totally unaware of circumstances and situations around us. Loving is being fair, there is no room for the big ego here, when you can step back and see a situation from all sides and make decisions in a fair way, being in love or loving is not about saying yes to everything, can you say no to yourself, can you judge a situation with you in it, fairly, when you love yourself you will not be afraid of rejection or discussion, to express your opinion, if you cannot do that, in this moment in time, you do not respect yourself and that is part of loving yourself. Do you talk yourself into situations that you do not want to be in, or do to make some one else happy. Don't confuse this by a give and take situation, we all do things at times that we maybe don't want to do, but these are little things that do not hold the same importance, I am referring to major situations and decisions when you give in, "to keep the peace" this is not love, for yourself or anyone else, because you are not being yourself, and nobody can be two people for their whole life, at some point it will come out, either by discussion or even illness. When you love yourself you think of these consequences, and obviously avoid them at all times, loving yourself embarks on every part of our life,  the importance of your love for yourself, shows in every thing you do.

Do you like people to listen to you when you talk,? Do you listen to people ? To be a good listener is a gift, it is not all about the words, at times, our body language can tell you so much more. Through these signs, it is telling us, what that person is really saying, focus and be there, within that moment, when you do this people will do it for you, you care, you are telling that person, that you care, and you have said nothing, if you love yourself you would want that too. What you give out is what you will get back, if this is not the case, maybe you are in love with the wrong person, this has nothing to do with your love for yourself. Also when you love yourself, you will know your worth, and deserve the best, in every aspect of your life, and by knowing this you will be able to give that love to others. Loving yourself is not about thinking you are the best creature that walks the earth, do not make that mistake, loving yourself is having the respect for your body, mind and inner spirit, to be confident in what you do, to care for yourself as you would another.


Published by Brooke Smitham

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