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I know this is not normally my thing, but I am writing this post because I made a promise, and I like to keep my promises, not so long ago I left a comment on MakeItUltra, regarding a true experience I personally had, I was later asked by quite a few bloggers actually,  to tell a more complete version of my experience, so where do I start.

I bought a house, a house that totally had me spellbound from the day I saw it, it was a large older house,very elegant and I totally fell in love with it, the entrance hall was very grand and leading from this was a library, dining room and music room all these rooms had the original wooden floors, which I loved and cared for with a special spanish oil that I used to buy, this oil has a strong smell (a pleasant nice smell) however the music room never lost a smell that was there from the first day, it was not a bed smell, it was similar maybe to rose-water used by maybe your grandma, it was an old-fashioned type of smell, I hope you can imagine what I mean, but it was pleasant(But this oil never covered it) which was strange, I also had fresh flowers in this room 24/7 .

After  approx one year and the birth of my 2nd son a new friend of mine came to visit (she lived 2.000 kms away) in another country, we sat having coffee and generally chatting when she asked me if I believed in spirits, I told her that it was something that interested me but was not 100% percent sure, and that I also had doubts regarding the people who claimed to see them, she understood and asked if I would like her to tell me about a previous lady of the house, the house I now owned…I did not know she had this gift so I was taken slightly by surprise, but of course, curiosity got the better of me. She told me the life of a lady by the name of Aina (Ana) she explained her long black clothes and the Mantilla she wore on her head, she has books under her arm and a walking stick, with an attractive gold handle, she was an educated woman but lead a very sad life, due to her husband and the years that she lived in, she told me how in her day the horse and carriage had pulled up in front of the dome at the other side of the hall before the lawn had been laid. This was in direct line with the main front double doored entrance. She also told me that this was their summer home (it is close to the beach) and that they had another home in a village inland from this one. That the wine cellar had been used to receive contraband from the beach (just in front) and that she loved being there at that moment, as she felt close to me and adored the children, she also told me that in later years her bedroom had been down stairs (THE MUSIC ROOM) and that she thanked me for the fresh flowers……..this was quite a bit for me to take in, but I listened and found the story very interesting, I do know that I knew when she was around as her rose-water went with her… it was four years later that I had the opportunity to gain solid evidence regarding everything I had been told on that day and other little bits and pieces my friend had told me. I was attending a dinner for the boys, kindergarten, in a beautiful old house which was now a restaurant in a village inland from my home, as we sat chatting, one of the teachers asked exactly where I lived, she told me that the house had belonged for many many years by her husband’s family, I knew that this could be my opportunity to see if anything I knew was true ? I later took the opportunity to speak to her and asked if she knew any information about the family and maybe a great-grandmother figure, she was amazed at little things I told her and how I had obtained the information, we arranged to have coffee with her husband at the house a few days later. I was able to prove with thanks to Maria’s husband everything I had been told, it was amazing and totally mind-blowing to him, he knew I was telling him what I had been told. After that I also managed to go to the Public land register and was able to prove her name etc., I also have to tell you that the dinner in the inland village had been the winter residence of this same family……I have left out names of towns etc., but obviously I have them, I lived there. I hope this post makes sense to you all, as I do understand that I see everything very clearly in my mind, and maybe my fingers don’t move so quick !! so I hope you understand, let me know if you require more info and that I have explained what you wanted to know.  

I also would like to mention that one day on our way to kindergarten and talking about nannies, my youngest son very innocently asked me who was the older lady and what was her name he could not remember, he had never had an older lady ? Who could he mean ? they say that children do see spirits until a certain age, he does still remember this.

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