The end of the mediterranean summer

The end of the mediterranean summer

Aug 25, 2016, 11:30:28 PM Life and Styles

The summer is coming to an end, and we start to store all our wonderful memories of the lazy beach days we have shared through the summer months, the mediterranean way of life, is like no other, the little chiringuitos (bars) spread along the sandy beaches, all now with there modern facilities and colourful furniture, great music and good basic food, the smell of sardines and paella drifts along the beach, people gather, families have fun and the singles mingle in, there is a place for everyone, young and old. The Mojitos and fancy cocktails flow and the ever popular Sangria still holds its place of glory, fresh fruit and ice covered with wine and fruit juices, some add a little kick, others stick to the basic timeless recipe. The chiringuitos of today have gone with the modern trend of wooden furniture, made from pallets and painted in great bright colours with bog floppy cushions thrown over them, the odd hammock swings and the atmosphere is set. Chilling out listening to the waves rippling up to the shore line, the background music, children playing and groups chatting away, all so far away from their normal 9 to 5 obligations, the sea breeze doing the cooling, no need for A/C units here, it's just a fabulous one to one with nature, it welcomes the siesta and lazy strolls along the shore, the sand beneath your feet and the warm water flowing over, all the sensations you will remember in months to come. The warm water is so inviting so calm and soothing, feeling the sun on your shoulders as you float and refresh. From the beach this is where the sea meets the sky, the odd little sailing boat can be seen popping over the white heads on the waves, and the larger liners can been seen out on the horizon, on the way to even further foreign shores, the days start to get shorter and the big sun comes down to sit on the horizon, soon to disappear just like the summer. 

Published by Brooke Smitham

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