Nigerian Dishes that are best served in Restaurant in Lagos

Nigerian Dishes that are best served in Restaurant in Lagos

Apr 17, 2021, 4:11:46 PM Business

The Nigerian cuisine entices the entire world. Even the natives are always on a hunt for food near me. The cuisine has starchy vegetables, delicious stews, made with a slight twist of aromatic spices all around. The restaurant in Ikeja are specialised in the Nigerian cuisine that encompasses some of the best flavours of the world.

The natives can surely get bedazzled about the food variety. Today we bring to you some hidden treasures of Nigerian cuisine that can be savoured at restaurant in Lagos. These dishes will surely break the rhythm of your usual dinner routine and will woo your tastebuds. Here are some classic Nigerian dishes found in restaurant in Lagos that are best served in restaurant in Lagos.

1. Jollof rice- Jollof rice is made with onions, tomatoes, chili peppers and scotch bonnets. This recipe is open for endless variation and can be savoured upon as per your wish. But Jollof rice has an essential list of five ingredients that ought to be present. In fact, Jollof rice is the pride of every Nigerian menu. It’s a dish that is included in every party buffet, a signature regional dish, and the recipe that is being claimed by many West African tribes that has stirred friendly rivalries.

2. Pounded Yam- Pounded Yams are yams that’ve been stirred or crushed to a dough-like, creamy consistency. Pounded Yams are often considered a fufu which is nothing but a starchy side dish that is served with efo or a stew. Outsiders can understand the popularity of pounded yams with the fact that it is as popular as mashed potatoes in the rest of the world.

3. Pepper Soup- This is a light and spicy soup that is traditionally prepared with goat meat and sometimes even fish or other meats are used with the adequate mix of herbs and traditional Nigerian spices. Pepper soup can be considered West Africa’s answer to chicken soup. Most of the restaurant in Lagos consider it as restorative, comforting, and to have universally delicious powers. The pepper soup has its own set of variations but no pepper soup recipe is ideal without the conventional classic seasoning mix made out of spices like Uda, Gbafilo and Ataiko.

4. EfoRiro- EfoRiro is a majestically rich spinach stew that has scotch bonnets, spinach, and red bell peppers as ingredients. EfoRiro roughly translates to leafy stirred vegetable that is made with fish or meat and attains its layered flavours from ground crayfish and iru(locust bean). The recipe is celebrated in the region because it requires pal oil which is found mostly in this region.

These dishes are best prepared by chefs from restaurant in Ikeja so people who want to enjoy these delicious dishes can turn up to online food delivery stores. 

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