SoulMapping with JaiShree

SoulMapping with JaiShree

"You don't have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body." - CS Lewis

First time I met JaiShree ( it was on a random Sunday morning in an even more random yoga studio in Marblehead, MA. I was drawn to her teaching style - it wasn't just a series of asanas woven seamlessly in a Prana Vinyasa flow (read Shiva Rea style). JaiShree teaches for the soul, for that vulnerable, sensitive, raw, hidden part of you that so wants to shine but at the same time is afraid to be seen by the outside world.

I continued going to class and outside of class we happened to meet randomly (do you see a trend for #randomness here...or serendipity as I call it) at the weirdest places (e.g. me nose deep in the cookies at Whole Foods #cookiemonster). JaiShree calls me a bliss bunny and I see her as my lucky charm. Every time life gets tough and I lose all hope, she appears like a bright ray of light and my day shines with positivity and energy, as if a higher power is telling me over and over again "Everything will be alright". #slowlearner here 😆

So naturally, when I found JaiShree is the creator of SoulMapping (, I wanted to take that deep personal exploration journey with her. (Naturally = not so naturally 😉 I do extensive online research on anything and everything I'm interested in. #guiltybeforecharged)

SoulMapping is about your path. SoulMapping is a witnessing journey. It is unique, just like you, and JaiShree will use whatever method or practice necessary to awaken your body and soul and give you the power to heal any sore patch that reveals itself. Imagine life coaching (said in lament terms) that includes yoga, meditation, energy healing, chanting, music, cards, crystals, and JaiShree's heavenly voice and enveloping warm and fuzzy energy. If JaiShree could, she would make a hammock with her arms and cradle you safely and lovingly in it, yes you, your perfect with all its imperfections self!

SoulMapping can consist of any or all of the below:

  • Physical yoga practice - the slowest asanas you have experienced, focused on core structure, injuries, and weaknesses (to heal them you got to find them first 😜)
  • Guided chakra meditation - more like a journey into your lineage, ancestry, and your deepest layers
  • Crystal meditation
  • Energy healing using Reiki and JivAtma methods
  • Chanting on mala beads
  • Drumming
  • Various cards you can consult to explore your inner tribe, said lineage, and ancestors' traditions
  • Ayurveda - the ancient Indian study of lifestyle and diet

I'd say it doesn't get more unique than that!

The ceremony begins with sacred saging and JaiShree chanting mantras with her angelic voice to clear the space and call hers and yours lineages of spirits to bring sweetness, softness, and safety to that place and time. After the mantras comes deep guided chakra meditation. #noexpectations here but I easily levitate under JaiShree's wisdom and guidance in meditation. Only after meditation (levitating 😋) you set your intention quietly in your mind and move into the other elements of the SoulMapping journey.

At the end of the ceremony, after digging deep in physical and emotional layers, revealing archetypes, practicing shamanism, finding pockets that need extra love and awareness, you light a candle to formalize said intention into the world. And you do your homework, as JaiShree prescribed!

In my ritual we discovered a pocket of awareness, a meeting spot so to say, that wasn't deficient by any means (remember: you are perfect with all your imperfections 😋) but that needed some extra love and attention as I haven't yet successfully connected my free spirited, hippie soul with my perfectionist and overachieving brain/body. #igothomeworktoo

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