SUP-ing peacefully north of Boston

SUP-ing peacefully north of Boston

When you take your friend who is visiting from CO for his first ocean paddle, he is not supposed to be better at SUP-ing than you, the guide.😮

Darn, how not to hate them proportionate and balanced men with low center of gravity! (Aka dealing with my usual "legs too long" problem)

When I moved to my current hood (ok, ritzy beach town description fits this place better) I dreamed of spending a hot summer day paddling around and exploring Swampscott Harbor and Nahant Bay. I could have gone sooner by myself but paddle boarding is more fun with company. So when my friend from Steamboatt Springs, CO came to visit me, I thought it was the perfect weekend for a small adventure.

Usually my time in the water is spent surfing (aka drowning in my case), but when there were no waves to be found in 3 state radius all week long, paddling it was. We geared up at Ocean House Surf Shop in Swampscott, MA. Tim and Amber have an awesome selection of SUPs for rent and sale and despite the slightly choppy water, we were super stable on 11'6" boards and had no problem navigating the waves and wind.

My friend was joking all day that he would fall and drown in the ocean and I'd have to use my newly acquired water rescue 101 skills to pull him out. The picture above shows how close he came to drowning - laying peacefully on his paddle board, snapping pictures away (we had a dry bag for our goods). Blame his amazing performance on his balance and the great boards Ocean House set us up with, definitely not on my SUP guiding skills.

Surfing still has my heart, but I'll give a chance to paddle boarding when it is flat out 😊

And this is an outtake of our post paddle boarding shenanigans when three girls in a surf shop decided to turn a Colorado man into a model (aka clown)


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