I love words.
They mean everything.
Your words can fix, your words can heal,
As long as you know what’s true and what’s real.

“As long as you know what’s true and what’s real”,
Funny, isn’t it?
How people lie and are untrue.
You never really know in the moment,
Until it suddenly hits you

That it’s all been a façade,
A distortion of the truth.
One big hell of a lie.
You know, I’m not bulletproof.

You know I’m not bulletproof,
Nobody is.
So why would you consider
Using your words as a form of bullet
And your mouth as the trigger?

Whether purposeful or not,
Just be careful of what you say
And how you say it.
Because even the strongest of people
Have the occasional vulnerable day.

“The occasional vulnerable day”.
Some have more than others.
Words can bruise.
Words can abuse.
Just be mindful of the words you use.

Why do words hold so much meaning?
Is it the way in which the words are said?

The very meaning of the word says it all.
“The action of making known one’s thoughts or feelings.”
People would rather those that are made known to be truthful
Just make sure your words don’t kill.

If you have nothing nice to say,
Don’t say it at all.
Although if “it” is a lie:

“Play” — Start again.
If only we could start again.
Things could be so different.
No, don’t complain,
Let me explain.

I hate words.
They mean nothing.
Your words hurt, your words can cause distress.
It’s what happens when you’re not mindful
Of the things that you profess.

The things that you profess
Could very well do the opposite.
They can cure,
Say a prayer
Because people whose words can do such a thing are rare.

Be one of the rare.
They’re the hardest to find.
Think before you speak,
It could mean the end of mankind.

Published by Bushra Shahriar

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