As a Child on a Warm Spring Day

As a Child on a Warm Spring Day

Jun 28, 2016, 5:58:48 PM Creative

Timelessness recalls

No hurry to be anywhere

No worries to fraught

Just sunshine glows in a cloudless sky

A warm breeze pushes the butterfly a float and wasp that hovers about

Birds whistle and chirp, singing their tunes upon high

Boys and girls walk careless, tossing a ball, riding a bike, chasing after the wind

Giggles and chatter drift and echo

Dissipating into the distance

And I,

But a memory

Lying on a bed of grass

Staring up at the sky so blue

Floating on thoughts of wonder

What is this place we call earth?

Is it the body of a giant?

Vibrating with life

Grass her skin, gullies and crevices battle scars from long ago

Water, her bodily humor that purifies and sustains

And what of the light of day? or for that matter, darkness of night?

Are we covered by a dome-like lid with holes? That lets in the air and just enough light twinkling

Are we just temporary ants crawling about, building our homes, our lives upon this giant host?  At her mercy whether the swipe of her hand crushes us beneath

Or, are we just a tiny speck in a colossal, nested matrix?

Like the atoms in a cell,

the cells in an embryo,

forever dividing into infinity

Heaven must be the highest level, wherever that may be. Or maybe the smallest.

A mosquito rests upon my arm

Its needle stings

A reflex response, and my hand

cracks down upon the spot

Swirling air clips the midge, pushing it wobbly airborne

Does it even know how close to death it came?

Maybe that's how the earth-giant reacts to us at times,

Maybe, but I don't know

I just know this moment:

The warmth on my face of a cloudless sky and the vernal music that fills my ears. And the perennial  sigh that escapes my lips.

~ C.M. Crowley

Published by C. M. Crowley

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